IREM classic, In The Hunt, coming to Switch Arcade Archives with others


This game is rather expensive in the used market for PS1/Saturn and this should be a perfect port.

It’s a spiritual precursor to Metal Slug with many of the same staff.

What’s interesting is how Arcade Archives is doing Nintendo’s classic stuff now that VC is dead and Nintendo is focusing on subscriptions. They’ve released Vs. SMB, Punch Out! Arcade, Donkey Kong Arcade, and so on. Seems like is continuing with Golf.


Nice, I always wanted to play The Hunt, guess I will when it comes out.

Definitely down for In the Hunt. Now add more Irem games like R-TYPE 1, 2 and Leo not to mention a better variety of Taito games like Metal Black. And why on earth is the ACA version of Bubble Bobble still not on Switch? The ACA series is great but Hamster needs to step up their game a bit.

A new Bubble Bobble game is coming out on the Switch soon. SE is probably holding it back I assume.

Similar to some Capcom and Konami games not on NES and SNES online, collections to sell.


In the Hunt is fantastic. Made by some of the same staff who went on to make Metal Slug too.

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Great news, I love this game on the PS1.

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Never played this so I’m definitely picking it up. Hope the input lag is kept to a minimum though, I stopped getting action-heavy Archive Arcade releases after Magical Drop 3, which was so sluggish that you couldn’t quickly tap inputs and expect a consistent response. Playing on Saturn hooked up to my Bravia (with 8ms lag) felt significantly faster, let alone a CRT.

One of my all time faves. I picked it up for PS1 a while back. It’d be good to have a hand held port. I hope someone does a physical release.

As with any Arcade Archives release, one of the best things will be the inclusion of worldwide leaderboards! I love the way they handle that in all their releases, and it keeps me coming back to play again. It’s like having the arcade in your town where scores were always there to beat but you never have to leave home to take a shot at them.


Do we know if this has a date yet? Got to admit I haven’t been keeping up with new releases since the Switch gets so much software every week. Looking forward to Moon and Ancient’s new Mamotte Knight game though!

It’s out guys. PS4 and Switch

Yeah I bought this day one, even though I have it on PS1 and Saturn. Everyone should buy this game.

Damn! I’ll have to pick this up. Last Thursday?

Thanks for the reminder, completely forgot this was coming! Going to grab it this weekend.

Yeah, the game is a steal. Unless you really want a physical copy, 8 bucks cannot be beat!

Finally started playing this today, while I’m still rubbish I love the pacing and feel of the game. Despite how hectic everything is there’s definitely an element of forward planning required that, if ignored, usually lands you in hot water (ha ha…).

Doesn’t feel like there’s as much input lag as the NEOGEO AA releases either which is a plus, but the slower pace of the game certainly helps as well.