It's the 25th anniversary of Sonic 2.

Since I’m apparently the only person on the internet whos noticed this, I thought I’d post a topic here celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sonic 2! 25 years ago today was Sonic 2sday, with its date immortalized in the game itself as the debug mode code (play 1-9-9-2-1-1-2-4 on the sound test.)

In celebration, I finally beat the game. Never made it past Wing Fortress zone before, but now I’ve finally beaten it.

Let’s hope more people than me remember to post on February 2, 2019 for the anniversary of getting stuck on that barrel.

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Nice, still one of my fave Sonic games ever!

I remember I got this for free in the mail with a voucher that I got along with my Genesis + Sonic 1. It was an unbelievable platformer for its time. And the soundtrack is funky as fuck.

Was just reading about Sonic 2sday in Console Wars earlier today; very interesting behind the scenes stuff. Technically, Japan put out Sonic on November 21st. It’s depressing that when you google the game its Metacritic score comes up at 60 %, albeit for its iOs port. I mean, come on.

It’s petty much the best one. Took all the first game had and refined it. 3 went all Donkey Kong Country pre-rendered and it kind of looks grimy.

Awesome, Sonic 2 is definitely my favorite Sonic game and one of my favorite platformers ever, it really hits the sweet spot when it comes to gameplay, level design, graphics, sound, difficulty, everything. Sure, it’s a bit buggy in places, but I can easily overlook that.

Sonic 1 was great but a bit slow and annoying to play in places and Sonic 3 and up liked to go overboard with overlong and overly complex stages and abandoned the slick graphical style of 1 and 2. Sonic 2 alone makes the Genesis/Mega Drive worth owning if you ask me. Here’s to you, Sonic 2!

Sonic 1 had way more impact for being first and I prefer it in some ways but Sonic 2 had some great additions like the spin dash, Tails, and splitscreen. And it was nice knowing the exact day it would be in stores. Back then the retailers had to guess within a range of a month or more when you asked them.

I never even knew this was a problem for people until I saw all the complaints on the internet years later.

That is so funny, I literally bought a copy yesterday. I never had a Genesis or Sonic growing up, so now I’m working on buying them in box.

I remember as a kid playing the first bonus stage and being amazed. I was just playing Sonic 2 during the weekend, such a blast from the past.

Mystic Cave Zone still creeps me out.

damn, i really missed Sonic Twosday…and i still have my shirt from the event back in the day, too!

i literally have “finally get all the chaos emeralds in sonic 2” on my 2017 new years resolution, so i gotta knock that out soon.

I must have replayed this game a couple dozen times back in the day. :+1:

It’s a lot easier getting the emeralds without Tails, unless you have a friend to help you control him and not allow the AI’s delayed reactions to knock into every bomb and lose your rings.

Yeah, this. I only ever got all of the emeralds playing as Sonic solo. Also, it helps if you try to get multiple emeralds in Emerald Hill and Chemical Plant, since there’s so many rings and checkpoints. It only gets harder to get the emeralds later, so the more you can collect at the beginning, the better.

I would always have this memory of playing and loving Sonic 1. Then I’d play Sonic 1. Then I’d quickly realize I couldn’t spin dash. What I’m trying is to say is…Sonic 2 is cool.

Congrats! My favourite Sonic!