Light gun gaming OT - Even the menu options are targets

I’ve been thinking about getting into home light gun games now that I have a CRT again, but I haven’t been able to figure out what the best hardware is. Mostly looking at PS1/PS2 for now.

There’s a green Konami lightgun controller in the Japanese manual for Elemental Gearbolt, is that any good? I’ve heard good things about the Namco ones like the GunCon 2, presumably it’s not backwards compatible with PS1 though.

Is Virtua Cop Rebirth worth checking out?

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Get a PS1 GunCon (45?) if you want to have compatibility through PS1 and PS2 lightgun games. All the Time Crisis games work with it. I found the Virtua Cop Rebirth collection good! It’s visually upgraded, and might not be purists cup of tea, but it brings the VC magic imo.

Lots of other cool PS1 lightgun games too, like the Point Blank series to Namco.


Cheers, GunCon it is! How is Ghoul Panic by the way, never knew it existed until yesterday, and it was developed by Raizing/Eighting which seems interesting