M2 Complete Works Documentary - May 19th - out now!

Such excite!

Hits MLIG YouTube May 19th

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Hmm hoping they release that Battle Garegga on Switch no idea it was by M2.

It’s up—set aside an hour for this beauty.


It’s a great watch although I’m disappointed to learn they wanted to do R-Type Leo for Gen/MD and were turned down.

Watched it last night. Wow, what a history! I knew M2 was a pretty big deal, but I didn’t know that they were responsible for so much.

This makes me even more excited about the Genesis Mini, and makes me certain about my choice to pre-order it (which I never do).

Ha, almost exactly what I was going to post (watched it last night as well). I didn’t really even know M2 existed as a company until the hype started to build for Genesis/MD mini and M2 working on it. They seem super passionate about gaming and respecting and improving on the og material, which is refreshing in a hyper profit focused era.

This was great, how lucky are we to have this “for free”?

I hope they invest in young staff because I’d hate to see M2 go away. That’s a worry I have as we all get older.

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I thought it was a great video really enjoyable and I too had no idea that they have produced/re made so much, it should be advertised more I steer clear of any classic games on new systems due to the normal shoddy conversions etc.