MD Mini Game Predictions

The MD Mini is looking like it’ll be a great little device thanks to Sega stepping up the game by bringing on M2. A few factors made me think it’d be fun to try and predict the remaining games:

  • We’ve already seen some games unique to the MD Mini. Will they try and diversify it from Sega Ages on Switch?
  • Are they limiting it to 1 game per series as the Sonic/Puyo/Shining Force tweet from a few weeks ago implied? Do they choose the best game in a series or it’s most iconic?
  • Different lineups for Japan and the rest of the world. Are they catering to differing tastes, getting around that series limit, or merely trying to get us to double dip?!
  • The appearance of rare, 3rd party, or games previously not re-released
  • Like the PS1 Classic, some of the obvious picks might be in licensing limbo. EA Sports and Disney titles spring to mind but are they really that far of reach, with Sega seeming to care so much this time?
  • Maybe they’ll pull an unreleased or region exclusive game out of the hat?
  • There’s bound to be some games that really needed the 6 button pad! And they have to justify including 2 pads …

With all that, I don’t think choosing all the games is as easy as it sounds!

Here’s the currently announced titles - 5 shared, 5 unique.


  1. Vampire Killer/Castlevania The New Generation/Bloodlines
  2. Space Harrier II
  3. Shining Force
  4. Comix Zone
  5. Gunstar Heroes
  6. Puyo Puyo Tsu
  7. Sonic The Hedgehog 2
  8. Madou Monogatari I
  9. Wrestleball
  10. Rent A Hero

Rest of World

  1. Castlevania The New Generation/Bloodlines/Vampire Killer
  2. Space Harrier II
  3. Shining Force
  4. Comix Zone
  5. Gunstar Heroes
  6. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  7. Sonic The Hedgehog
  8. Altered Beast
  9. Ecco the Dolphin
  10. ToeJam & Earl

Apparently the next announcement will be on April 18th, so that’s our mini-comp deadline.
You can choose to guess the 30 remaining titles for Japan and/or Rest of World and then once all are known we’ll see who guessed the most correctly. There is no prize :smiley:

I’ll start with my guesses for Japan!

  1. Dynamite Headdy
  2. Alien Soldier
  3. Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  4. Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
  5. Forgotten Worlds
  6. Contra Hard Corps
  7. Rocket Knight Adventures
  8. Splatterhouse 2
  9. Rolling Thunder 2
  10. The Super Shinobi II/Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
  11. Virtua Racing
  12. Outrun
  13. Bare Knuckle 3/Streets of Rage 3
  14. Wonder Boy V: Monster World III/Wonder Boy in Monster World
  15. Phantasy Star: The End of the Millennium/Phantasy Star IV
  16. Golden Axe 2
  17. Cyber Police ESWAT/ESWAT City under Siege
  18. Eternal Champions
  19. Ecco the Dolphin 2
  20. Ristar
  21. Columns
  22. Pulseman
  23. Devil Crash/Devil’s Crush
  24. Ex-Ranza/Ranger X
  25. Castle of Illusion
  26. Aladdin
  27. Musha
  28. Tatsujin/Truxton
  29. Thunder Force IV
  30. Gauntlet/Gauntlet IV

I’d like to see some of the super expensive ones, like Crusader of Centy and MUSHA, along with ones that didn’t get full worldwide releases, like Alien Soldier and Pulseman, just to give them more exposure. System has so many staples, with multiple game series where all of them are great and have had a ton of re releases of, that it’s hard to imagine them hitting everything though.

I’d like to see them give WaterMelon a bunch of cash to score either Paprium or Pier Solar (or both!)


I think WaterMelon needs to say something to let all the people who already gave them cash for Paprium know that they didn’t just take the money and run before anyone else decides to give them any more.


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I will probably have to import on this one in addition to the US version.Trouble Shooter/BattleMania should be a priority in one region for them.

Oh damn–I had no idea what a shit-show this had turned into…

Will Flicky be on there?

Oh God, I hope not. Or at least not as a main game. If it was in there as a hidden game such as the snail game on the Master System that would be cool.

They had it as an hidden/unlockable game in some of the Mega Drive collections.

Great game!

I kinda think they should do Virtua Racing, since SNES mini did Starfox. Shows the diversity and early 3D games for home use.

So many replies but so few lists!

That was my justification for including it. It’s a landmark title and one of a kind on the machine. And also, a nice middle finger to crappy clones that can’t run it!

I know there was an article the other day where they half-joked about a Saturn Mini in 10 years time. Kinda off topic, but I just thought how good would it be to get the Saturn version of Shenmue if that ever happened. Or better yet, the mysterious port of Virtua Fighter 3! It was close to if not finished iirc.

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I’m no MD expert, and the golf games I love so much are unlikely to be attractive to masses.

So how about some 2-player sports? NHL or Soccer?

I think that was part of their justification for including Wrestleball. Being non-licensed is a big help, so maybe they could get Mutant League Football or something similar.

Still a bit miffed they put Super Soccer on the SNES Classic in place of Super Tennis!

Mutant League Hockey is based on NHL '94, and could get around them paying for a license.

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Not sure if this has been brought up already, but do you think there is any chance of Sega including a few Sega CD and 32X games?

I would love to see the 32X versions of Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racing.

Sonic CD, Final Fight and Snatcher would be awesome, too.

Sonic & Knuckles with Lock-On technology™ needs to be there too.

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Only got 2/10 new games revealed tonight (Contra and Musha). Looks like I was a bit too safe in my predictions! Though i almost had a few more, just predicted the wrong game in the series (TF3, World of Illusion and SoR 2)

Still, better than everyone else who didnt make lists!

I thought for a moment there was a MiniDisc-based console about to be released!



New Games Announced: - - Super Fantasy Zone - Landstalker - Thunder Force III - Shinobi III - Contra: Hard Corps - World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Earthworm Jim - Streets of Rage 2 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

That’s the list, from the CAG Twitter post. WOW!

I just bought Contra: Hard Corps too, for $50. Ah well…

This device is FANTASTIC and we have 20 games to go!

Since this is the predictions thread, I will predict now that M.U.S.H.A will be among the final 20 as well as at least one other grail for the Genesis that’s a top playing game. Mega Turrican seems like a good candidate for this. No sports yet, either! How crazy is that?

Wow those are some real heavy hitters! Awesome…