Mid-Atlantic RGB: Old Bay, Old Games

Yo local peeps! Balb and I are meeting in the Tyson’s area for lunch on Sunday and then heading to eStarland after.

Anyone want to meet up with us for lunch and eStarland?

Would love to, but you’re a 2 hour drive from me

I’ve seen your F-zero lap times. You can make that drive in an hour flat I bet :grin:

You guys local? There are a ton of great places to eat in the area.

eStarland is like a 40 minute drive from me. I’m not local to that area, but it’s also not too, too far.

I grew up in NJ but have been exiled to IL for the last 20 years. Man I miss the east coast. You guys mind if I lurk in this thread and live vicariously through your comments? :slight_smile:

I’m pretty close to it and pop in from time to time/when they have their events. It’s a nice trip down memory lane even if it’s a bit overpriced. I’m just happy that they found a way to survive all these years.

If you want any food suggestions I know a bunch of things in the area. Too much stuff on my plate so probably wouldn’t be able to meet up though. Also no physical form. :3

We’re planning on hitting up Ciro’s Pizza, but I’d love to hear your recommendations!

That’s a three hour ride for me but wow, that looks incredible. I will definitely have to get in there sometime. Very impressed!

I’ve been to my fair share of retro game stores and this one is my favorite. The prices are nothing special but it’s large, clean, organized and well maintained.

The selection in the photos and online is what’s impressive to me. I have a number of excellent stores locally but all the imports and sheer volume of products really caught my eye.


Dang, I really wish i could make it. estarland is a good time for sure. I hope we can do a meetup later this year.

I wouldn’t want to butt in if you already have a place decided. Also for pizza most of the places I go to are chains that are probably available everywhere other then a couple upscale places. I will say that if you are into Indian foods you are coming at a perfect time for the lunch buffet at Jaipur, which is probably the best value in the area. Place is pretty high class and their lunch buffet always has a good rotating selection, especially on weekends. It is also where I will be going depending on how I’m feeling after St Patrick’s day stuff. I also realise I am butting in after starting this post by saying I wouldn’t want to…

Enjoy eStarland though. I could spend a lifetime just browsing though there feeling the nostalgia. Seems their website has had a recent redesign and the facebook page isn’t updated so don’t know the schedule for their gamers exchange event that makes it even more enjoyable. The back room gets filled with a bunch of independent vendors and there is a bunch more stuff to see when that is going on.

Tips if you haven’t been there before;
Use one of the computers that are located around the store to do price checks since they don’t list prices on things. Feel free to ask if you can open a game up before buying it to check condition if they arn’t busy, they have generally let me do that, but not all the time. Plan to be in line for a while if there is a crowd since their checkout process is pretty slow. And on that note make sure you have an account set up with them since if you don’t that will also be part of your checkout process.

Edit: of course now that I’ve read the rest of the thread I see you have been there before so I am just being patronizing. Sorry chum.

No worries! Indian sounds great, but I’m going to an Indian buffet the day before @_@.

And yeah I’m gonna ask them when the next game exchange is. They don’t have upcoming dates anywhere. I figured that could be a cool opportunity for RGB people to meet up.

I’ll report back.

It’s weird because they use to have an entire part of their website dedicated to it and had the upcoming dates and everything. And I know they started doing “mini” ones recently too to make it more then once a month like before so there should be more information if anything.

Hopefully they didn’t stop doing them :frowning:

They definitely didn’t. Like I was literally there just like 2 weeks ago and that is when I found out about the mini ones because one was going on and was told it was something new they just started recently.