Mushihimesama for Switch to be delisted on August 10

Putting this here in addition to the shmups thread as this needs as much visibility as possible:

It will still be available to redownload if you purchased it. Glad I have both digital and my cart from LRG. Seems like Cave are being as strange as ever as to how they license out their catalog. Too bad that Live Wire has only released four games in the last three years (Radiant Silvergun and the three Cave shooters), was really hoping we’d get more games like Futari and SaiDaiOuJou at some point. Wonder if this means DDP Resurrection and ESP Galuda 2 are next to be delisted? Shame that so many other Cave shooters are still stuck on older systems like 360.


This came as a shock to me, shame Livewire wasn’t able to negotiate a better license for publishing their port of the game. My guess is since the sales for these sorts of games are front-loaded to their launch period, it wouldn’t make sense for them to renew the contract.

I suspect part of the issue is how the eShop is set up to only push the latest games to users.

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Well, I have my cart.

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On a more positive note, for those looking for physical copies: