My PS3 won't eject the disk

Hmm, so my launch 60GB fat ps3 won’t eject a disk. The fan test doesn’t work on the launch model so my options are…open it up? I tried “bumping” another disk into the drive to dislodge it but it doesn’t hit anything.

When I press the eject button it makes noise like it’s trying to eject and the disk goes away on the XMB so it thinks it has ejected it. When I hold down on eject it tries several times but no luck. While doing that it has a green light and blue flashing light that eventually goes solid. Trying to eject while the system is in standby only gives me 3 beeps.

I knew I was on borrowed time with it as it’s a launch fat but I’m actually somewhat sad if this is the end of it, lol. :frowning: So unceremonious.

[edit] I should note everything else seems to be fine. The game works and everything functions normally. It didn’t hard shutdown and no ylod (yet).

Here’s what I do: Turn the console off and have the back switch off as well. Hold the eject button and then turn on the back switch and if you have to turn on the console while holding the eject button.

I’ve attempted that (the fan test) a couple times. Based on searching online I don’t think that works for the launch model. It does work for the later on fat models, but not the initial launch 60gb (which I have).

I backed up my saves and guess I will play what I have digitally on the console while keeping an eye out for a slim to replace it with.