NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


Jerks. I always consider PCE when this thread bumps.


Very nice! Glad to hear about that fix to the SSD3, as I’m in the market for one eventually. Currently using an everdrive, but I’d like to upgrade to get the CD titles.


I was holding off on the product untill they fixed the issues with it. The mistakes and the way they handled them really soured me on it. The only thing I dislike more then TerraOnion is an optical drive and there’s no other alternative out there!

@Peagles @DaveLong dooooo itttt. Prices are only going up !


Yeah… TerraOnion and that guy that makes the Rhea. Why they gotta be douches?


The Rhea/gdemu guys blows my mind. He creates incredible one of a kind products and then shits on people wanting to buy them. He had years to setup proper distribution and he didn’t.

TerraOnion at least wants to sell you a product they just don’t want to hear anyone critisize their shit design.


Stoneage Gamer finally has the latest revision of the SSDS3 in stock (the one that has the Voultar and FBX fixes built in), so now it’s a really easy product to recommend.


Nice, that’s great news. This is my end game for TG16.


Man that is something I am so torn about, now that it’s fixed I would like one, either for my TG16 or an eventual Super Grafx I’d like to get. Their behavior though through everything and how they handled all this stuff makes me not want to support them.


I was in the same shoes and pulled the trigger a week or two ago and bought one from their official site. Unfortunately it’s looking like DHL has lost it because the gaurenteed delivery was Friday, then Monday, now it says delivery date unavailable. It’s somewhere in my city i just don’t know where :disappointed_relieved:

My scart cable for it came yesterday and I’m picking up the PCe bundle tonight after work but I guess it’s all going to sit unused untill the ssds3 shows up


Well, your bundle does have a Street Fighter 2 HuCard in it. You can at least get your HADOKEN on.


With composite video ? Are you mad ?!?! My eyes !


Aw cmon, the composite video on the TG16 is really good! It’s no RGB, but compared to most consoles, it’s nice.


I’m facing the same dilemma. I think I’ll just buy through Stone Age gamer.


You weren’t kidding. I got everything today and I tested it out with the included composite cable. It may be the best Composite video I’ve ever seen!

I got the SSDs3 all setup and tried it out with a shielded scart cable from the UK guys. I haven’t tried it on my ossc yet but there’s absolutely zero AV noise on my analog setup with the Rev B model.

The controllers all work great and feel nice and tight. The white has yellowed a bit but they seem to be in good shape otherwise.


Nice setup. For my money, the coregrafx 1 is the nicest looking of the original style pc engines.


I think I like the color of the Core II better but this is the one I happened to get. It’s pretty wild that the Turbo Tap is almost the same size as the console!


The PC Engine/Core Grafx are the cutest little consoles ever.


That was my other gripe about the ssds3. The PCe is so tiny and cute, I didn’t want to attach anything to it. If they ever figure out how to get CD games loading from the Hucard slot…I’ll be spending some more $$


It’s better than what I had for many years, at least.


There’s nothing wrong with that set up. That’s the exact set up I have but mine is RGB modded with an everdrive. . I’d rather have that than a big tumour hanging off the PC Engine.