NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


I plan on using him when my DCHDMI comes in. I think that one might be a bit too advanced for me to do myself.



I just ordered the FU-RGB board from Mobius Strip as well, going to install it myself though. The price was certainly right (Though shipping to Canada was more than the board itself!).



Just came back from Japan and got myself an AV Booster. Anyone know how to open this thing up? I want to see if I can RGB mod this. It seems to just be held together with plastic tabs and has no screws whatsoever. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation about this anywhere online which is slightly frustrating.



Googling it a bit I see this person with a video using one of the RGB mod kits available out there to do so. It looks like he’s just grabbing the RGB signal off the pins coming in from the EXT port. I don’t see why you couldn’t do similar to the Japanese AV Booster. Maybe shoot a tweet to Voultar, or ask on the shmups forums.



Hey ShinJohnpv, thanks for the response! Unfortunately the problem I have is actually physically opening the AV Booster up, as there are no visible screws anyway on the body and no rubber feet or covers that look like they are covering any screws. The TG16 version of the AV Booster looks much easier to open up as I think I can see some screw holes that provide access. None of those exist on a PCE AV Booster.

Actually modding the thing shouldn’t be a problem for me I think, as I’m quite proficient with a soldering gun and I sort of know my way around a circuit diagram.

I’ll try asking at the shmups forums though I’ve always found that crowd a little intimidating, just like I do our Lord Voultar :sweat_smile:



@Socksfelloff and I had a feast last night: Popeye’s chicken and Rondo of Blood. We ended up polishing off both! What an amazing game, we had a blast, having both never played past the first stage. My favourite moment was he CV1 boss rush, super fun.

FU-RGB mod installed into the SSD3 System. The picture looks insanely clean and crisp on the OSSC now!


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iirc there are 2 pronged hinges that need to be pushed back with a flat screwdriver before you can even attempt to open it up.

I did it a decade ago because I had an issue with one of the audio channels and wanted to open up the thing but I never documented it and since most of my stuff is packed away for removal I think I may have thrown it all away :frowning:



Thanks for the response! Yeah, I think I know the prongs you’re referring to. There seems to be three more on the bottom as well. Still no idea on how to properly open up though. In any case, now that TerraOnion has announced they’re fixing their SSDS3, I think I’ll just get that instead of potentially ruining a perfectly good looking AV Booster :slight_smile:



I finally joined the club recently. After many years of going back and forth on whether to get into Turbografx, I finally took the plunge after watching HI Score Girl. I picked up a region modded, refurbished Duo-R from Doujindace. I was a little concerned from some of the reviews I read on his work, but it sounded like he has improved and I found at least one confirmation that his recent work is compatible with Everdrive.

So far I picked up Alien Crush, Valis 2, and Cosmic Fantasy 2. Alien Crush looks great on the component video cable that was included. Unfortunately neither of the CD games would load, it just sits at the boot screen trying to load. I tried an audio CD and confirmed that the CD player at least can read that. Doujindace mentioned that the variable resistor might need adjustment in the info he sent me along with a video of how to do that, so that is my next step. Is this something that needs to be adjusted frequently?



old thread about resistors. The forum site looks like it’s going to close down²-jpg



I finally caved. I’m jumping in!

This is my first time using Yahoo Auctions, through Buyee, so hopefully it gets to me smoothly. The latest revision of the SSDS3 with the AV fixes is out as well so I finally feel comfortable buying it whenever it comes back in stock.



I’m a bad influence, lol. That Hori pad is gorgeous.



I blame you in full. After playing yours my desire to get one actually diminished but afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about how gosh darn cute it was :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



That’s a good set to start out with. One more controller and you’re all set for 5 player Bomberman.



Still tons in the library to explore. I think I might play Fausette Amour next. This review is pretty critical of the game, but it hits all the “early-90s anime” aesthetic hits that I absolutely love.



I’ll be short 1 controller and 4 friends to play it with

The controllers are quite expensive so I’m hoping I’m kinda set for life between the 4 of these



Expensive online, 500 yen each at hard off… I bought a bunch of spares that I’m never going to use cause the price difference was crazy.



Oof. I grabbed a bunch of Saturn controllers when I was there . Wish I had the hindsight to grab some pce stuff



Nice. Way to push me a little closer to the edge too!