NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


I love that suitcase setup, looks like 80s hacker equipment or something.


Yeah I like it too. It totally unconventional, which is it’s charm.


I love the briefcase!

This is more what I was referring to :nauseated_face:


Looks like it’s giving birth or squeezing out a tricky one :rofl:


I always hated it, personally, but to each their own! Moving it around always felt like a super delicate operation. I had the briefcase setup for about 25 years before I finally opted to go for a Duo R which was much nicer and less unwieldy. I’m happy to be back to the Core Grafx now, but more compact.


I can see that for sure. It looks delicate and there’s multiple connections there for things to go wrong.


I’ve always had a want for that Coregrafx II set up but at the time when I had other pc engine systems never got the justification to get it then… maybe one day …

Popped a bit of Gradius gameplay on the pce tonight


What’s the black NEC box?


It’s Memory base 128 back-up RAM unit which only works with certain games that support it. Also requires 4 x AA batteries. Batteries need replacing every 6 months otherwise your save files will be lost

Koei also released their version too called Save Kun KH-1001



How do you pull out the batteries and put new ones in without losing the save games?


on the memory base there is a little LED light that will light up faintly to let you know the batteries need replacing and you will have a few seconds to swap out the old with new.



As neat as this is I can’t help but feel that maybe it wasn’t exactly the best design, lol


Yeah, the only save solution I ever really liked was the Ten no Koe Bank. It’s not perfect, but at least you could keep saves around for more than one game at a time.


There is a thread on another forum discussing what is your fave SHMUP series and I started craving Gradius on the pce and just had to try and do a playthrough of it.

This is probably the best I’ve managed to play and capture of Gradius but the final stage just messed me up big time and so I decided to leave in all them deaths.

I was hoping to unlock and capture all 4 of the bonus stages tucked away in the pce version however on this playthrough I just managed to unlock 2 of them. I added the 3rd at the end since I unlocked that on 2nd play. The 4th now just alludes me as I cannot fathom how to unlock It anymore…

during those bonus stages the coloured power ups;
green = 1up
purple = autofire
gray = stops screen scrolling forward
yellow = points/multipliers