NES/Famicom Appreciation Thread - Playing With Power, Then and Now


@D.Lo is Australian though. It’s actually right side up for him


Those boxes are beautiful. I have more attachment to that artwork than the NA NES ones because I spent so much time in a Nintendo-owned arcade back in 1984-1985.


But then… the other boxes are upside down :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yea… they just feel more authentic. Although you have to hand it to Nintendo in North America for using actual sprites on the cover of their earlier black-box series games. They’re still very cool looking in their own way. But they definitely feel like the “alternative” design.


I think those are all recreations instead of actual sprites but, yeah, I always liked those boxes, too.


Lol I actually took the picture just to check what I had rather than for any display purpose. They’re also on my unvacuumed carpet.

I took a few pics like this because I keep forgetting which games I have and almost buy duplicates.

I’ll post again later with my third party (Namco, Taito, Hudson) small box games too.

Then there’s the ‘in between’ size boxes of the middle Fami period 1984-1985 (eg Konami orange box games) before they mostly standardised as the Super Mario Bros bigger box style.


Okay here’s a nicer pic of the first party small box set

And with my other small box games

I really really need someone to make box protectors of tis size…


Beautiful! Some of them are the pulse wave carts, yes?


Most yep. Only the three gun games are not.

All pulse line games except Devil World were in small boxes, so this is basically that complete set, minus Devil World.


I have Devil World CIB. It’s a neat little game.


Great thread!

I had my AV Fami RGB modded recently, and it really changed my perspective on the console, from a technical aspect. It just looks so good on my 14" Pvm.

It’s also what I’ve introduced my kids to video games with. Mario 1 & 3 on the Famicom are just so playable for my 4 & 6yo.

I have noticed a a change in my daughter’s response to dying in the games too. She’s gone from handing over the controller so that I can play through the hard bits for her, to giving it a go because it doesn’t matter if you fail again, so long as you try to get a bit better each time.

It’s learning through continual failure that this era of gaming, and this console particularly, excels at teaching. (arcade style games have just a bit too much ‘take-all-your-money’ aspect to their overall design for my liking).

I like Famicom releases, firstly because they play natively on my AV Fami, and also because they don’t seem to be plagued with NOA’s didactic approach to publishing. Censorship, proprietary cartridges, fear of the rental market, and finally lame as hell late 80s corporate marketing machine output (replete with awesomely tubular, and knarly catchphrases. It’s the title of this thread for goodness sake.)
Maybe growing up in Australia, or just being a year or two too young, I kinda missed the hype train. And looking back on it, there’s no way I’d try to convince my kids to play Nintendo using those means. So uncool.

(side note: there was recently an ad featuring a fake video call, between NOA CEO and some Blizzard guy about how cool Diablo 3 will be on the Switch. The lameness still pervades).

Moving on…

Recently I’ve wanted to box up some loose carts.

I printed a new cover, and smaller manual of Kirby’s adventure to fit in a spare Namco box (Sorry empty Sanma no Meitantei box I bought for this exact reason). I gave it to my daughter, and a few weeks later, she is beating bosses fearlessly on her own.

“Kirby is much easier than Mario, because it doesn’t count down the time, and you have 6 hits before you die. I don’t think I really need your help dad.”

sniff so proud… :wink:

Also Kirby is a girl in her eyes.


Kirby is one of the few famicom games I own because of how adorable the cartridge is. Guess it helped that a fully boxed copy was like 20 ducats.

Also the transfer from just wanting to see something beat to get past it/instant gratification to wanting to be able to beat it is a pretty big step. I remember watching a sibling go from cheating/using game genie/shark to get through every game to being hardcore against even the use of guides. Sure, one extreme to another, but it is a fundamental change in how someone views/what exactly is the entertainment value of that thing to the person.

It can be difficult to an observer too since nether way is “right” so you know you shouldn’t force a certain way on someone else even if you have a clear preference. Good to see you are making more people with the objectively correct point of view.


Awesome! I love watching my kid playing games. He’s about to turn 4, and he’s learning new things every day with games.


Thanks for your thoughts.
I remember using cheats and guides for various games over the years, and how that ultimately diminished the experience for me, compared to other games I figured out on my own through perseverance.
That said, I’m sure I’ll need the Konami code to get anywhere in Contra.

I’m not really surprised that mine are learning heaps, but I’m happy that there are other things I can impart, as a parent, through our shared gaming time other than light amusement.
Turn taking, resilience, teamwork, and learning through failure are some of these.

It’s also important to me to limit their exposure, and be responsible about how much screen time they have.

Luckily they love taking these characters and inventing their own stories and games around them.
Kirby’s dad is called King Alert, and Dedede is ‘Santa’, because his map sprite looks a bit like him.
Also, Mario and Kirby can be played while being a car passenger. You just have to use your fingers to jump over ‘enemies’ (cars), and suck up the correct colour, to grant special powers.


Haha I did that as a kid, but it was skateboarding over obstacles with my imaginary skateboard (fingers).


So cute!


Thanks Peagles


I’ve been looking for hard boxes like this for famicom. @Eccles who makes them and where did you get them?


There’s a Russian seller on eBay who has shells he sells with repro artwork for Famicom games. I have no idea what their source is.


How about these?


Thanks, but those are for large Famicom boxes. I already have hundreds of those for my large box games :wink:

I need ones specifically for the small box games.

I use Japanese GBA box protectors for the medium sized ones (eg Orange Box Konami) which are close enough.