NES/Famicom Appreciation Thread - Playing With Power, Then and Now


I forget the name of the company but the company is out of Las Vegas said, if you have dimensions, he can make any protective box.


I bought a few empty boxes from a Japanese ebay seller (japan_4_you).
That one specifically is a Namco small box (you can make out the logo on the diagonal strip, holding the manual in.
I’m wary of the very limited supply of these, and the price is fine for the first few (a couple of bucks each), and for collectors, there’s no greater sin.

So I’ve put an order in for some blank mega drive boxes from china. They seem to be the same mould as the ones from the Russian seller mentioned earlier (I would like their cover scans though).

I’ll post my findings.

I’ve been working on a similar solution for Super Fami and N64, using old VHS cases.


If you have the details I’d appreciate it. Some of these are 35+ years old and in fantastic condition and I’d prefer to keep them that way!

I had a guy do me some customs for Sega Mark III and SG1000, but he disappeared.


I believe this is the company. Not 100% sure. I met the owner at a game con in the la area.


japan_4_you is reputable on ebay, btw. I’ve used them for a lot of Super Famicom games.


Not sure where to put this, but something is off here…just can’t figure out what (lol)




It’s tradition to not plug anything in before playing!



They’re clearly using a prototype of Analogue’s HDMI to 240p adapter.



I found it, the Kanye impersonator is wearing a tie with a T-shirt, c’mon that’s a big no no even if you are “serious about fun”


This is what I was thinking, the actors are hilarious too though.

…as well as it not being connected


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I fixed the photo


Bravo. Took me a minute (I was focused on the CRT)


Ha, I also just noticed that Walter J. Sobchak is standing next to him. I guess they loaded Rambo onto the classic.


Wow I just got a barely used original PAL NES for cheap. I mostly wanted the box and will sell it, but have been testing.

It has a basically new original connector. The action is FLAWLESS.

Cart goes in with no force, and all work first time, every time. It’s crazy.


Check out the minty controllers


Sharp knees, way below my standard.


Fixed it for you.


Just ordered an AVS. Too lazy to bother with the RGB mod, and I just wanna play some goddamn TMNT games. lol