Never have I ever...........played Earthbound

It’s true, due to the fact that I was 17 when it was released and to be honest I was more interested in cars and girls at the time :innocent:
It wasn’t on my radar, even years later it wasn’t something that caught my attention because I have never been a big RPG fan although I like the early pokemon games.
I was planning on making a start with Earthbound this week, any advice? and is it worth my time playing?

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I haven’t played it either. Not a big rpg guy also.

When I do get around to it, I plan on playing a modded version that allows for some modern conveniences, like some slight changes to the death system.


Me neither, same reasons.

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To you like turn based jrpgs? Then yeah give it a go, it is a very good one with a lot of charm. No, then don’t force yourself just because it’s renown.

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I rented it back when it came out and went back to play it years later. My opinion never changed but the game’s image certainly did in that time period.

It’s worth playing but it has been way overhyped in the last decade. It’s not a life changing game but a well made RPG with a unique setting.

Check it out but don’t be one of the those people that play it yet never touch Phantasy Star IV.


I first played it around 2014. At the time I wasn’t a retro gamer and I was actually completely out of the hobby for the most part. I bought Shovel Knight on a whim and loved the hell out of it. I was sucked back in so I thought maybe I’m not done with gaming, maybe I’m just bored of what modern gaming has to offer.

I don’t remember how or why I ended up playing Earthbound after Shovel Knight. I didn’t own a SNES growing up and outside of Chrono Trigger I had never even played a JRPG before. Maybe it was a post on gaf or something but I ended up jumping into Earthbound and fell in love with it.

The game gets critised for it’s graphics and combat and at times it’s 8bit roots show through , it is a remake of the famicom game after all.

I really love the art. Sure it’s not on par with anything Square was putting out at the time but the artwork is charming and fun. I get a Simpsons vibe from it for some reason.

The combat is primative but it features two of my favorite features ever! The rolling life counter means you can survive fatal blows as long as you act quickly. I can’t count how many times I’d “died” but managed to land the final blow and stop the counter. The other great feature is if you fight an enemy much weaker then you it auto wins the battle. There’s nothing more annoying then backtracking in a RPG and having to mindlessly hack your way through all the easy enemies. There’s also a fair bit of grinding in Earthbound and the “auto win” makes it more bearable.

The music is awesome ! It’s weird and funky in a way that could only come out of that era. There’s still nothing like it.

And finally the game itself is allot of fun and it has a great story but my favorite part of the game is just how weird it is. Instead of zombies and wizards you’re fighting trash cans and hippies. Instead of a sword you have a yoyo.

Please play Earthbound and then move onto Mother 3!


I’d you can deal with the usual AVGN personality, his review is pretty fair. He looks at it as a modern game and judges accordingly. Lots of spoilers at a certain point though.


If the only experience you have with turn-based RPGs are the Pokemon games…

You’ll actually be right at home with Earthbound! The Pokemon games were actually the games EB reminded me of the most as I played it for the first time a few years ago. Similar looks, movement, etc. Mechanically, it’s a fairly simple RPG but that works in its favor. My advice is to go in, enjoy yourself, and save often.

Also, that’s the best AVGN video in my opinion, though I’ve not seen a ton of his nerd videos. It’s obvious he put a lot into it for the game.

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some of those boss fights can be tough. expect to exp grind a bit

I love this game. It actually did change my life. I still tear up describing the story to people. I’m a sensitive soul though :sweat_smile:

I always advise people to grind a bit in Onett and learn PSI “Insert your interest here” before taking on the first boss. That usually sets you up well for an easier ride for the first few hours of the game.

I also have not played it. I have played the first 2 minutes just to get a feel for what it is, but I haven’t spent any time with it.

I’m currently feeling much more in a Zelda mood, and wanting to get through all the main-series games that I haven’t played yet.

I haven’t played it either.

Neither have I, but I just bought it a few days ago so hope to rectify that soon when it shows up.

I have it downloaded on Wii U but haven’t played it much yet either. It looks charming though.

I started it a few days ago, not that far in, I’m enjoying the storyline and art style, the save function is a bit of a pain as is the lack of enemy health gauge but I’m starting to get used to that.

I also never played it, and i proud of it. I am more arcade gamer (run’n gun, shooters, platformers, etc…)

I played it on the SNES–original release. I rented it. I remember the clearance bins full of those things for 20 bucks. I regret not buying a couple, but hindsight is 20/20.

It quickly became one of my favorite JRPGs. I already played FFVI (3 US), Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger.

I loved the use of a modern setting with zany enemies like buses and street signs. The rolling HP bar was also very strategic and interesting. But the story and scenario and personality takes it greatness levels, especially at the time. You gotta remember that at the time most JRPGs fans in the US only had very traditional JRPGs–either fantasy or sci-fi, or a combination like Phantasy Star and FF. This was very different.

Such a great game. The soundtrack is very underrated.

Sounds like such a cool game. I tried playing it on the Wii U VC, but the lack of proper 240p really detracted from the experience. I will try to play it by downscaling someday… or by saving up for the real deal.

Never played it but always wanted to.

I bought a legit cart only copy a couple years back and started playing it but dropped off. I like what I played but I was juggling too many games. I just finished Dragon Quest XI and I started that in September 2018.