New ebay coupon - 25%

Valid from 11/29/18 at 1100 EST to 11:59 PM PT on December 1. It says certain items, so hopefully some video games are covered!

There’s a 15% off for anyone in the UK. Code: PRESENTS (ends today)

I’ve got a new hdd on the way for the Xbox One, bring on all the 100gb patches!

Max discount is $25 so anything over $100 gets less than 25% off. Anything over $167 is worse than last week’s 15% off. Still great for sub-$100 items though.

When I read the text for this code, this part jumped out at me…

  1. Eligible items will have the coupon code PSAVE25 displayed on the checkout page.

I just checked and it’s not working for imported games like the 15% codes tend to do. I think this is a very restricted coupon code.

Yeah, I had a cart full of used games from US sellers and it didn’t work. Not sure what the restrictions are.

I havent found a single game that works on this.

It’s one of those “here are sponsored deals” discounts, not one of the “hey just use this” one. They kind of rotate between the two types.

Too bad, I was hoping. They didn’t even tell you what it was good for.