New here: Can I have a history lesson?


I just refresh the gaming front page on Reset Era. There is also a decent shmups thread but it doesn’t get updated much.

Edit: Well hey, look at that, the shmups thread has been stickied on ResetEra’s “Community Spotlight” threads, very cool.


Good idea, thanks.

I think it had something to do with the way he posted “not looking good” on mobile devices.


This was almost exactly my gaf experience. Lurked on other threads and only participated regularly on the retro boards. When gaf blew up I was like shit the retro forums. I was so glad we got the band back together. This is seriously my favorite place on the internet and I check this place more than Twitter or my rss feed. Goes to show where my interests are in the era of micro transactions and cookie cutter games that don’t seem to value design over revenue streams.


I had almost all retro threads on gaf subbed and the time I was logged in, that’s where I was. I felt the main board was too fast paced and littered with gifs and trolls with hidden agendas. There are still a few people out there that haven’t joined RGB and I wish they would. Retro community still feels fragmented to me, but will come together over time.


Yep, his posts were very hard to read on mobile. Anything with limited width wrapped the text and his additional line breaks made it a complete mess. It’s okay on a full res screen.


I’m kinda glad we have separate forum from the GAF exodus. More control. Reset is fine. It has similar quirks to old GAF, though.


I agree completely. Also I’m happy you made the trip here since you were one of the few that made sense to me when outside of the retrogaf bubble there as well. :3


SoH just posted this in the RGB Discord, not if it’s been posted here yet:

“shmups thread on era has been community spotlighted. (Meaning it is the top sticky post in the game section, not even just hangouts)”

Nice to see all the shmups peeps get some recognition on ResetEra.


Yes, it’s a simple, great idea to spotlight various community threads like that. I like Era a lot. Has what I liked about GAF with less of what I didn’t like about GAF.


I lived and breathed GAF right up until it went to shit, yet ResetERA never clicked with me like I thought it would. I do browse every once in a while when super bored, and I make a post here and there, but the hunger is gone @_@


My opinion of GAF soured a long time ago and was only ever happy posting in the retro threads and a couple other communities. Reset is more of the same, possibly worse and intensified. I only go there to lightly browse the front page of gaming before coming back here. I find this place to be best in terms of what I’m looking for in a message board.


Resetera is a cesspool of fuckery.

I really don’t have any intention of ever browsing or posting there again. I like posting on a forum where people aren’t out to screw eachother over every chance they get.


I don’t think it’s a cesspool and certainly don’t think we need to trash it on this forum. It’s simply a different experience with a different demographic and different sensibilities.

This isn’t an official “moderation” moment, but I do think we should avoid posting anything that could constitute vitriol against them. It’s just my humble opinion of course.


I agree. Apologies.

Won’t mention them or Gaf again.


I feel the same way. We didn’t create this place to censor anyone but I’ve always believed that you don’t make yourself look better by putting others down.

I feel extremely fortunate that we managed to get the core group over here to avoid the bullshit and I’m glad others feel that way

I always felt @Rich was mistreated on GAF and I’m glad to see him/you here!


No worries.


I was kinda glad GAF blew up because I’d been a viewer only for a long time. It’s made all this possible for me. ResetEra is a fine replacement. I don’t post much there, but I appreciate the volume of interesting posts.


Tell that to @Socksfelloff stealing all the good kijiji deals from me. :frowning:


That was revenge!

Did you see that 20l5 for $700? It was only up for a few hours, I guess someone actually payed that!


I know you were probably directing your post more to Rich, but I didn’t mean to single out anyone. More that I was unhappy with the general direction of the old forum and the overwhelming hostile tone in so many threads. I think the Reset moderation is doing the best they can to avoid and curtail the old forum negative vibes from festering up again and defining the place, with somewhat mixed results. I shouldn’t say it’s worse because they’re really trying to make a better place.