New here: Can I have a history lesson?


The forum software they are using is trash, especially on mobile. I go there to stay up to date with the SNES Classic Mini happenings, of which there are many right now. And the indie game threads I like.

This place I like, not just because the forum software is awesome, but because we all love retro.


I didn’t really think of that. Retro gaming site with one of the most modern feeling boards.


I am also very happy we managed to keep the retro-threads alive, as many others have said, gaf was way too negative and i mostly posted with you guys in retrogaf anyways. But i know a few people who browsed or only occasionally posted in retrogaf, not bothering going here because they are primarily modern gamers - and thus staying on resetera instead. I am also worried we might not get many new members when we are on our own board, even though this thread kinda proved that point void. And the ghetto of community didnt bring many people either.

Lastly, i kinda liked the “siege” mentality that developed among retro gaffers, and it was fun seeing fellow retro-gaf member engaged in discussion at gaming side and such since i would more or less agree with them. Also, how are we going to get new “sonic was never good”-jokes now?

So i guess i all in all miss gaf a bit, even though i really hated the moderation there, all the trolls and the way we were treated. But im superhappy this community survived.


OMG! Kinda forgot about the retro revisionism that was rampant there. It was REALLY baffling and starting to make my skin crawl after a while. No respect for the classics, I tell ya…


Everyone can do as they please and go wherever they want, but it’s still a bit of a bummer how many Retro GAF regulars have shown no interest in joining this message board.


Yeah there’s a few we all miss but I get it. I think it’s similar to backward compatibility, some people just want everything in one place


I only found RGB from a passing mention of it on Resetera. What efforts have been made to bring people over?


Yeah i agree that sucks. Would have definitely preferred to have everybody at one place.


At this point it’s been word of mouth only. We wanted to get everything in place and make sure this looked like it was going to last before we look into bringing more people over.

Right now myself and the other staff members have been funding this fully out of pocket and we are actually very close to having to bump our bandwidth limit to the next tier which is substantially more expensive so we’ve purposely been keeping things low key as we refuse to fill the site full of ads.

I know we’ve said it a few times but these things take time and we DO have some big news coming soon!


Lol. Yea. Seriously we are very close now. So so close.


Yeah that’s what originally impressed me about this place. It’s just a nice place to be! It looks and runs beautifully on both mobile and browser.


I used to just lurk GAF for the Retro AV and 240p threads but never posted. When GAF blew up I saw somebody mention this forum when asked where most of the members all went. I liked how small the community here was and it incentivized me to post some especially when I saw I could share something useful


I somehow missed the memo completely and just learned about RGB today. I had been kind of bummed about the relatively low volume and low-traction the retro gaming focused threads were, so finding this was a real treat.


Welcome, @fester


Now you know where we all went! Welcome aboard!


Same here. I only found this site today. Had been wondering why the retro threads on ResetEra are so slow. Now I know :slight_smile:


I miss charcranxydjd…you know, the neogeo omega guy.

Did he got it after all?


No idea. We haven’t been in touch in a while now. I hope he did though.


Yeah, he joined this board, didnt he? Any idea where he went?


I’ve seen him on Reset here and there.