Xeno Crisis : A New Mega Drive Game on Kickstarter


It includes a physical option and features our very own @lazygecko!

I’m a sucker for new releases on old hardware so I went ahead and pre ordered the physical copy with case!

This looks great, getting huge Smash TV vibes. Will have to back this one, at least enough to get a ROM (Still undecided on the physical release, though the mockups look great)

“I’d back that for a dollar!”

The dollar don’t get you no rom, son.


You had me on Smash TV. It looks great!


The fuck? This looks great. Absolutely love the art.

Whoa this looks amazing.

Looks cool as hell. How do the controls work?

Why the heck would they sell the cartridge without the box.

There’s alot of people content with collecting cart only or using universal game cases etc.

I’m not one of those however, and if I’m buying something it’s CIB only!

Same guy behind some visual stunners from the 16bit era - The Misadventures of Flink on the Mega Drive, or Lionheart on the Amiga - and other more modern 2D masterpieces (Contra 4 on the Nintendo DS, Mighty Switch Force on the 3DS…).

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Love the look of this and hugely interested in the physical version. Looks and sounds great based on that pitch video!

Is the soundtrack playing from the Genesis version? Also the tunes have some Gunstar Heroes vibes emanating.

This looks great. Reminds me of The Chaos Engine. (pre-edit: duh which the creator cites as one of their inspirations!)

oh shit, just posted about this in the Genesis thread, haha

backed for the ROM, wish i had the $ right now for the cart & box/manual! this looks like one of the more promising genesis releases lately.

anyone else play this yet?

the presentation, as we saw - it’s just great. looks and sounds awesome, and I’m dying before boss 3 so far but the variety in enemies, weapons etc keeps le coming back.

only knock i have: I’m not sure if I’m thinking of robotron or what, but shooters like this have 2 sticks in the arcade, no? the six button options just don’t work for me; i reach to shoot left it down and the buttons just don’t do that.

i was scared of the 3 button options (fearing it’d be like forgotten world’s port or something) but that setup - simply shooting wherever you were aiming last - worked far better for me, and i instantly did better. wondering if that’s just me, has anyone had luck adjusting to the 6 button options?

still debating the physical on this one, wish i wasn’t so broke around this time of year!