New Satisfye Grip vs Old

I am not a fan of the new grip and I am a big fan of the old grip. I thought I would share a few thoughts.

Pro: Can use the Hori D Pad joycon
Con: It feels like its going to bend the hinge over time.

Con/Pro: For me its a con but I have large hands. The new grip is slightly slimmer on the right hand side and makes me bend my thumb more than I would like and after a while my thumb doesn’t feel as good. If you have smaller hand this might be a benefit.

Con: The rubber is supposed to prevent scratches but what it actually does is scuff up the switch with rubber snail trails instead. I didn’t notice a whole lot of wear and certainly no scratches on my joy-cons or rear plate.

All in all, I think the original was better and if I were wanting a grip that worked with the Hori, I would just get the Hori Pro Joycons instead.