Nintendo DS |OT| Everyone Buys a DSi XL


Doesn’t look like it - waited on the title screen and it eventually played the new anime opening:

Kinda disappointed that it’s not there. :frowning:


Thanks for checking! That’s a shame, surprising oversight from TOSE. With Final Fantasy V Advance they added a new opening, but if you waited long enough at the title screen it would transition to the original Super Famicom opening.

I noticed with Chrono Trigger DS the title screen just reloads itself if you reset the game after loading a save with movies turned off :confused:


It’s an overrated port in general to be honest. I prefer the SNES version by far.

It’s cool they got it on the DS. But I don’t like the way it sounds or looks. It’s touted as definitive. But to me it’s just “Chrono trigger DS version”


Yeah, it had been a while since I last fired it up on the DS and the audio bothered me instantly. For years I’ve used the CT opening with the seagulls and fireworks as my emulator test, so I’ve heard countless versions of it by now. The sound/music on the DS version just seemed off to me.


For many countries it’s “Chrono Trigger, only version” :sweat_smile:


I have the SNES and DS versions. I think I’ve played ~5 hours of DS and 0 hours of SNES. I’ve tried 4-5 times to play the game (including the miserable ps1 port which I sold recently). It’s not bad but there hasn’t been a hook to keep me playing it. Hot take, I know; not trying to hate on it. It’s always there to go back to.


Play it on SNES. It’s one of the best games ever in my humble opinion.



That sucks.


Have you got any specific examples of the shortcomings?, I’m about to replay it and I’m tossing up between my SNES and DS. I was leaning toward the DS just to see what the re-translation is like.


Squished aspect ratio, poorer music, odd translation choices that ruin the charm (the bad guys got changed from mystics to “fiends” and it sounds odd when someone says “death to enemies of fiendkind” instead of “death to mystics’ enemies!”), and lower color depth too.

Furthermore, the extra sections of the game added are really bad. Like cheap romhack quality.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly fine version of the game. But I really prefer the original.



Ah okay, they went with square pixels in the DS version, although that 4:3 comparison image is a complete disaster.

I think I’ll take your advice and stick with the SNES version if only for the nostalgia of the Woolsey translation.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the sound was slightly off on DS Chrono Trigger. And the art overall definitely appears better in 4:3 as shown above.

I agree that the DS port is held in too high regard - one of my major issues is the poor choice of fonts and the lower real estate in battle. Never bothered with the extra content but it sounds exactly like I thought it would be going from TOSE’s Final Fantasy IV/V/VI Advance ports.

It’s a shame Square Enix didn’t bother putting it on 3DS’s SNES Virtual Console.

I like the game but I have a similar problem in that I can never finish it. I always get to the end of the story (after the doll quest) and then never go and beat Lavos. This has happened at least twice now. It’s been a while now so I do want to revisit it again now.


Gah! The ending is so good!

I really love all the side quests that open up after the part you described.

PS I blurred your small spoiler. Hope that’s okay.


That’s fine, I wasn’t really sure whether to post it so made it as vague as possible but makes sense to blur it! Posting from mobile today but I should have known better.


No worries :wink:


This is amazing.

Fan made Mario Kart DS mod akin to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on everybody’s favourite dual screen handheld. Download patch available now.


Wow, that’s impressive…


I love a good de-make. That is so cool


Anybody played it yet? Forgot to bring my DSi XL away with me. Doh.


I paid way too much for my duel IPS panel 3DSXL and am disapointed that its not quite as bright as my 3DSXL with the TN panel. Seeing these glorious DSi XLs is tempting me to buy yet another one. The screen brightness reminds me of the ags-101 which is fantastic.