Nintendo DS |OT| Everyone Buys a DSi XL


it’s exactly that


Are all Dsi XLs created equal or are their ones without the glorious panels? Anything to look for, watchout for?


I believe they’re all IPS.

Original DS Phat: TN
DS Lite: TN
New 3DS: TN or IPS
New 3DS XL: TN or IPS
New 2DS XL: TN



Reminding me once again that I want to get a New 3ds XL with IPS screens. :c


I paid 200 US for the Zelda one and I wasnt super impressed.


I love the Nintendo DS. I really do want a capture device for it so I can do direct capture from it to my capture card. I’ll either have to get a new one built with it or send mine to get modded.


I want to do this too!


What bothers me about the New 3DS (and XL) is the inconsistent calibration between the two displays. I think it’s a bigger issue if you have one screen that’s IPS and one screen that’s TN, really noticeable on the eShop or if you’re reading a digital manual

With the DSi XL I haven’t noticed the issue but calibration for both displays differs between units. I prefer my dark brown model for its warmer white point.


Ah, really? Cool, I hope you can do it someday.


I wonder if there’s some way you can calibrate them


I love 3D on the 3DS so I’m really happy with the New N3DS XL’s, TN or IPS screen really doesn’t matter too much. It’s that sweet eye tracking 3D that makes it special.

That said, DSi XL is the deal.


Reminds me that I never posted a few pics I took a couple months ago. Think you are happy with your screen situation?



How? How do you get that on DS? Devkit?


Think that one was a way to capture gameplay/screens from the system but may have been a dev kit. Was part of the “Video Game Museum” room at magfest. They have a bunch of handheld dev kits/capture solutions/whatnot and didn’t have them hooked up the previous year iirc but this year they did for those two.


This is my dream setup…


Ha! That drove me batty. I returned 10 N 3DS XL till I found the “best one”.


Amazing! I’d get that setup just for GBA games on the DS.


Ah DS devkits, there was a ton of unused ones at one of the places I worked at a long time ago, I wonder if the IT guy would have given me one if I had asked.

I’m sure someone will make a tv out for the DS, I mean how hard can it be, just connect an FPGA to the fluxcapacitorthingamabob and you’re done :smiley:


Don’t forget to jiggle the cables when the picture stops working.


There are already many mods.