Nintendo DS |OT| Everyone Buys a DSi XL


Bad photos… but you people are jerks. :smile:

I paid $97.50 for everything. Two different cases. Two pen style styluses (stylii?). Some crappy games along with two good ones. Original box without what I’m guessing was a cover for the 25th Anniversary. The extras you see. Maybe a little bit over the actual value given it looks like this XL is as low as $40. Either way, happy with it! It’s in fantastic condition and those screens are lovely.


What a great looking handheld! Nice grab!


I already own three DS Lite and two DSi models…I should have never clicked this thread!


Hey folks,

I just wanted to add my number to the list of newly acquired DSi XLs. Not since reading this thread, but very recently.

I was quite surprised to see the significant quality of these screens, and the battery life is phenomenal.

I love the feint vertical scan line look, which you can make out on my screenshot below.

I’ve recently powered through Chrono Trigger again, and the larger screens have been great for the cut scenes.

Hey harbourline, what’s that sailor game?

Shantae (gbc palette hack) running on gameyob.

This is honestly my preferred way to play GB/C games. My ags101 screen mod on my GBA SP, annoyingly has a touch of interlaced flicker.


I didn’t realize I had so many DS systems. I used to buy tons of broken systems fix them and resell them to help fund my collection. I got lazy on selling the DS systems.


I was about to ask this, too. What’s the Pirate game?@harborline_765


Thanks for asking @matt, @Eccles, the sailing/pirate game is Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City.

Alongside the labyrinth exploration you can also set sail to the seas and explore uncharted waters. Really fun addition that they expanded on greatly with Etrian Odyssey IV (instead you have an airship, and it’s integrated in with finding new dungeons).


You had me until that last screen. I don’t get on with battles like that, I’m not really an RPG fan.

But the grid with arrows intrigues me!



The combat does play a heavy role in progression and there’s a lot of forward planning in how you build your party.

But that map on the bottom screen is drawn and charted all by yourself. You fill in the walls and floor type by studying the surroundings, and drag appropriate icons in from the right. It’s very relaxing to explore the labyrinths and the sea.


While I’m at it shilling Etrian Odyssey III, I love its haunting title screen. One that you leave on for a few minutes every time…


I want to love Infinite Space but after two, admittedly not very serious, attempts I can’t get into it. The combat is ok overall but the battle animations are so very, very…very slow. I can’t get past it. :frowning:


Very nice, but the non-integer pixel-scaling shimmer in that video has me in sweating uncomfortably.


Haha! I was going to edit my post with something like “points off for non-integer scaling”. Great minds…


It’s been about six years since I played Infinite Space, but I remember it being a slow burn at first. Keep at it, though, once you get more options to customise your craft, and more ways of combat (from what I remember you can board an opponent’s ship later on and do person-to-person combat) it becomes a bit more involving.

I never finished it though. There’s a fairly large plot shift halfway through the game which signals the end of its first major story arc, but shortly after then I remember coming across a rather large difficulty spike that I wasn’t prepared for. Keep that in mind if you ever get that far, and do your best to prepare for it.


If you have the means to run homebrew then you can use TWLoader (3DS) or TWiLightMenu (DSi) to run original-era DS games at double CPU speed.

Might help with this? Particularly because it sounds like an event game, rather than real time action.

For 3DS:

For DSi:

updated @dubc


So… I love Contra 4… but that game hates me!


Git Gud!!!

In all seriousness though, Contra 4 does that old-school thing where you can’t finish the game on the Easiest difficulty. So if you’ve been playing on Easy, I’d recommend bumping abck up to normal, or else eventually you hit that dreaded “Play the game on normal to finish the fight” style screen.


What did everyone think about Ninja Gaiden DS? Never really played it aside from a couple of minutes on a friend’s system and just remembered it was a thing.

It certainly looks interesting - having played through Legend of Kage 2 and Ninja Cop I’m hoping this could make up the rest of some sort of ninja trio of excellent games.


Bought it and played about 5 mins of it. It is a neat concept and I like seeing sideways games on DS; wish I could speak more about it.


I’ve been sticking with Normal. I’m definitely gittin’ gud, but it’s tough as nails too. I think the biggest issue is I am impatient and walk into bullets when I shouldn’t.

It’s a great looking and playing game though.