Nintendo DS |OT| Everyone Buys a DSi XL


If you walk into a bullet with zero lives left and at the same time earn an extra life, the game rewards you with 99. Lucking into this glitch is the only way I could beat Contra 4. I needed almost every one of those lives, too. :sweat:


lol wow. That sounds extra lucky.


I haven’t forgotten. Modes: I’ve got Panic mode, arcade mode, and tour mode with both challenge and standard options as well as Expert tour mode. I’m guessing there’s an expert arcade mode?

Edit: Just unlocked Panic mode Touch. Wasn’t expecting that. It isn’t as Moreish as the regular panic mode though.

As for awards…not many it seems.


Ah! I had forgotten :joy:

Some of the awards are for the online mode, as you can see, which has thwarted my attempt to catch 'em all.

I’vd got a massive set of notes that I need to polish up and maybe publish as an FAQ or something.


I just submitted a request to Wiimmfi to try to get Pang back online. Fingers crossed!


Oh that would be neat. Does it retain the leaderboard data from the GameSpy days of Nintendo WFC?


Not sure, I imagine a clean sheet.

Getting excited about it now.