I must be unlucky, I got 2 dead on arrival out of 3 I have bought. And the third died quickly.


Must be bad luck :disappointed_relieved: I’ve had a single and a dual for years and haven’t had any issues


My 3 year old son just broke my PSP (spilled water when I was just saying to be careful with it), and I’m having a really hard time right now dealing with it.

My wife: “it’s just a silly toy, don’t get mad at him”, isn’t helping at all.


Play something else to get some distance/perspective. It won’t seem so bad tomorrow. Hardware can generally be easily replaced.


I have to say I’m in a bit of a love/hate relationship with my PSP 1000.

Love having my favourite PS1 games portable.

Hate the crappy buttons and dpad and general ergonomics.


Parent life. It always happens right after you’re saying “BE CAREFUL” in slow motion.


Updated the OT with a PSX section. It’s such a huge part of the PSP that I’m surprised that I just completely skipped it. I did make this in a rush but I should’ve updated it much earlier since I’ve had plenty of time since I first posted it. I’m open to any other suggestions for improving the OT.



You can use USB controllers with any model PSP if you’re running CFW. Not limited to just the PSP Go.


The tingling feeling I get in my left wrist tells me I’ve played on my PSP long enough and could use a break. Ditto for the N3DS.



You should get a grip for it.


Did you put it in a bag of rice?


Dropped your rice in water? Try putting it in a bag of phones.




Playing PS1 on PSP… it’s interesting to note that the machine is run at max CPU speed (reducing gaming time on a single battery charge) but not every game needs that kind of horsepower.

I’m playing golf, generally static scenes and not too much camera polygon pushing. I can use CWCHEAT to dial down POPS CPU usage to 66% and not feel any lag, or even 33% and have minor lag only. A real battery saver.


Yeah it’s a cool feature. Most emulators on the system have this ability as well.


I fired up my PSP for the first time in several years and I’ve been playing Phantasy Star Portable 2. I got up to Chapter 10 out of 10, but never finished the single player portion. I’m leveling up and finishing off side missions that I never finished, before I make the finial push to finish the game. I’m also redecorating my room, as it was ugly as sin. :laughing: It was funny to go into the multiplayer portion and seeing the names of people I used to play online with on my friends list.


Wow, nice find! Didn’t realise that. Battery life on my 3000 is pretty acceptable overall when playing PS1 games, so I never would have known it was being inefficient there. I guess they locked it to 222Mhz to ensure every game runs as fast as possible in potential bottlenecks? Or would the emulator technically be able to adjust based on load?

I wonder if it’s just because most of the PSP software I played on PSP also maxed the CPU to 222Mhz all the time. But surely something like Yggdra Union wouldn’t.


Max should be 333 Mhz, not 222 Mhz. Seems like it’s underclocking it already on yours.


Yeah PSX games all run at 333/166, but my golf game (with its CD music switched off) plays just fine at 222/111 and I get 7 hours on one battery charge. 2 extra hours!

There is only a little lag at 111/111. Music switched on needs 222/133.

TL;DR: there’s probably headroom to save some power.