Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!




I beat Majora’s Mask for the first time. I was definitely missing some bottles, masks, and hearts, but I’m satisfied enough to put it down for a while. I never do 100% playthroughs on Zelda games because I like the idea of there still being some mystery left to solve in the future.


Well done! I’m working through Link’s Awakening at the moment, and plan on tackling OoT and Majora’s on the 3DS afterwards.


Edit: I’m a noob and posted in the wrong thread :stuck_out_tongue:


@Socksfelloff and I just beat Simpsons Arcade and Double Dragon (on actual hardware, of course).


You know what? Despite having a cabinet in my local barcade, I’ve never given the Simpsons a serious I should change that.


Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance on my GBA SP 001. It’s the fourth Castlevania game I’ve beaten so far in 2018 after Symphony of the Night (PS1), Aria of Sorrow (GBA), and Dawn of Sorrow (DS). I’ve previously beaten all of them, I was just in the mood to play a bunch of Castlevania games. I took a break in the middle of this because I got lost for a long while and so I started playing Castlevania Order of Ecclesia (DS) for a bit. I think I’ll go back and finish OoE before going on to beat Circle of the Moon (GBA) and Portrait of Ruin (DS). I’m pretty sure I’ve never beaten PoR before and just put it down for some reason.

An end-game cutscene pic showing I got the best ending:


I wore out the L button on my GBA SP with that game. Totally ruined it. That was the dash button, right?


Both L and R are dash buttons depending on which way you want to dash.


Heh… ok… one of them survived and the other did not.


HoD gets a lot of hate but I really like that game.


I loved it. Finished it. Wasn’t difficult, so that contributed to the finishing I’m sure, but it’s really pretty IMO.


My biggest beef with the game was how late I got the keys that unlock each of the doors but that may have just been me not going the right way. And yeah, the game is easy. I didn’t have to use any potions during the game except for the last boss fight and that was only because I wanted to brute force it without being careful.


I went crazy looking for my copy of Circle of the Moon today. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it until I picked up my OG blue DS and it was sitting in the slot. That was a relief.


Yes, you should, it’s a really good game!


Nex Machina. Does having Eugene Jarvis as a consultant make this retro?

Got through the Arcade mode on Experienced (normal) difficulty. Used over 80 of the allotted 99 continues. Still got plenty of additional challenges to work on.

Anyone feeling for a twitch twin stick shooter, I’d highly recommend this. It’s on sale of a couple more days on the PSN Store.


Beat my very first Sega Saturn game (some may argue half a game): Clockwork Knight.

I liked it a lot surprisingly. Back to basics 2.5D platformers are a great palate cleanser.


Nex Machina is brilliant. Anyone who enjoyed Robotron even a little should play it.


Continuing my Castlevania romp, Circle of the Moon. I played the Battle Arena a bunch of times because I didn’t have anything more than a dozen normal potions (+20 HP) or a couple of meats (+50 HP). I looked up how to get better potions but it meant grinding enemies for rare drops and so I gave up before getting any. I already started the “Fireball” play through (file 3) but I’m not sure if I’ll do all of them.


Nice work!

I finished Super Mario Land today for the first time. It’s surprisingly good! The physics are a little odd, but once you get used to that, there’s a great little game here!