Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


Just finished Shenmue 2, love that ending!

Can’t wait to FINALLY continue the Shenmue saga soon! :slight_smile:


Picked up the original release for Umihara Kawase Shun as I was curious about the in-game advertising. It’s pretty tasteful given they got Kawase’s seiyuu in to do the voiceovers, but you have to wonder if they sold any fishing gear to players. I also wanted the manual - which lived up to my expectations.

Anyway, couldn’t resist running through to an end point so here’s another screen for that game…


After some serious attempts and frustration, I finally beat Mega Man.


Congrats man!


Completed Strider the other day. I have to say it’s a strange ending. Not something I was expecting. I’m sure the Mega Drive version isn’t like this.


I need to finish off the remake of Shenmue II. I burned through Shenmue and then burned through about 1/3 of Shenmue 2 right after it released last August, but haven’t touched it since.