Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


Just finished Shenmue 2, love that ending!

Can’t wait to FINALLY continue the Shenmue saga soon! :slight_smile:

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Picked up the original release for Umihara Kawase Shun as I was curious about the in-game advertising. It’s pretty tasteful given they got Kawase’s seiyuu in to do the voiceovers, but you have to wonder if they sold any fishing gear to players. I also wanted the manual - which lived up to my expectations.

Anyway, couldn’t resist running through to an end point so here’s another screen for that game…



After some serious attempts and frustration, I finally beat Mega Man.


Congrats man!

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Completed Strider the other day. I have to say it’s a strange ending. Not something I was expecting. I’m sure the Mega Drive version isn’t like this.


I need to finish off the remake of Shenmue II. I burned through Shenmue and then burned through about 1/3 of Shenmue 2 right after it released last August, but haven’t touched it since.


Not sure if Wii U is retro (it seemed to me like all Nintendo stuff is retro even when new… in a good way). But I rarely beat games and remember to take pictures, so here:

I beat Yoshi’s Wooly World. It was pretty damn fantastic. It’s probably one of the best 2D platformer I’ve ever experienced and 2D platformers are the genre I know best.

The level design is very well done. Every single level is perfectly developed and feels unique. And the challenge and length feels satisfying towards the end of the game, which is rare for Nintendo games these days, especially for veteran players who have been playing them for 3 decades.

This is a crowning accomplishment for the genre. And it is every bit as good as Yoshi’s Island… maybe even a little better to be honest (which pretty is shocking to hear myself say).

The most fascinating thing about it, for me at least, is that the game doesn’t have many new mechanics that weren’t already in Yoshi’s Island. Its gameplay is nearly identical to the original game. But how it uses those elements for crafting levels that is astonishing.

I’m not really sure how they did it to be honest.

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What kills those games for me is my inner completionist. I always force myself to advance a stage only once I finished the previous one 100% (all collectibles). I usually get bored after a World 2 or 3 in games like this.

I have to stop to play those games like this.

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Yeah I’m like that too, and have to check myself sometimes. Yoshi’s Island is a really great example. To finish each stage requires you to not get hit at all, once you have full stars. If you get hit, you often have to go back to a spot where you can farm stars, or restart the level. Bosses can be particularly frustrating if you take damage. Yeah, I can kill this guy easy, but now I have to restart the level.

Frustration ensues, and I find myself not having fun.

I think with a game like Yoshi’s Island, I need to just curb that inner completionist to have fun. Finish the game as if I’m a 10 year old, blow through the levels and have a good time. Then, if I feel like it after I’m done, go back and do the completionist thing.


I think this is why I’ve never finished Yoshi’s island, I get bogged down not allowing myself to move to the next stage until I’ve got 100% and consequently I get tired with it and give up!


Me too, I have never finished it. I need to go back to it though.


I stopped caring about 100% completions a very long time ago. It definitely gets in the way of enjoyment.

Even in games like Majora’s mask where you can unlock something cool, I generally just play to my heart’s content, beat the game, then move on.


Congrats! That’s some big praise there - that Good-Feel has finally created a platformer that stands alongside Nintendo’s own best! I now feel silly for skipping it.

Now I’m I nterested in what you make of Crafted World, admittedly I ignored Woolly World on the basis of Yoshi’s Island already being exploratory 2D platforming perfection, and crafted world’s use of the z-axis intrigued me more.


Yeah, I’m not into 100% completion for the most part, maybe the occasional platformer, but for others, not really.


Wooly World is actually tighter and less exploratory than Yoshi’s island of I had to guess. Especially towards the end. That’s part of why it’s so good.

I have high hopes for crafted world but have a feeling it may not live up to this.


I’ve been the same way with Captain Toad (3DS). For a supposedly breezy game, my playthrough of this has been dragging on for months. You gotta find 3 stars on each stage, find the hidden toad image, and complete the special objective, and you can’t do this in a single run. It takes at least 3 runs to “complete” a stage, resulting in me rarely playing more than 1-2 stages at a time. Completionist fatigue is a bitch.


Still a masterclass in game design. I’m still shocked by how entertaining it is to replay despite it being my fourth (I think) playthrough in many years.


Just finished Gokumakaimura Kai on the PSP, aka Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins!

In Japan, the game got a rerelease (hence the “Kai” label) where they redid the progression to resemble a traditional GnG game. In the original, including the North American release, you have to find hidden rings in stages. You can carry multiple items, and have to travel to and from stages to find all the secrets.

The Kai version uses the same stages / enemies / bosses, just with some modifications. The game is now completely linear, with only one checkpoint per stage (instead of respawning where you died), and of course in true GnG fashion you have to run through the game twice to fight the true final boss.

It was an absolute blast! Looks great, plays great, and has just the right challenge. If anything, my one complaint would be the boss battles were a BIT too easy. I never died much and wasn’t stuck for long on any given boss. The stages are brutally tough though, particularly on the second run through with added enemies and hazards.


I completely forgot about this and its original form! Sounds amazing, is it still worth playing both games?


I would definitely recommend it! I haven’t played the original Ultimate GnG, but the Kai rerelease has both versions in it, it asks you which one you want to play when you launch it. I’ve heard mostly good things about the original release too, but the structure is definitely different vs a traditional GnG game from what I’ve read.

The game itself is a blast though. Hard, but not brutal. Case in point: I beat both runthroughs pretty quickly, but to this day still can’t get past stage 3 of Super Ghouls n Ghosts.