Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


It was update 5.0.x or 5.1.x

Rayman 3D

RE: Mercenaries

For the people that have a hard time seeing it, try listening. The rifle shot sounds much faster on the 2nd 3DS. I really thought that it was a placebo effect, but it seems that the updates really improved the frame rate on some games.

And since N3DS it’s possible to use homebrew to run O3DS games with the increased N3DS performance, so you can get even better framerates. In fact, this is the easiest way to see the difference increased performance makes on framerate.


Crossed one off my bucket list this weekend: finally finished Chrono Trigger for the first time. I’ve dabbled in the game over the years but never saw it all the way through. I really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to go back and see the other endings now.


Congrats! It’s a classic.


Ditto to the congratulations! I always end up getting to the post-game content but never actually tackling the Lavos fight…I should really get round to properly playing through it too!


I remember this! It’s a shame Digital Foundry treated handhelds as second-class citizens back then as it would have been interesting to see them investigate it.

I don’t remember Mario 3D Land having an unstable framerate (though the drop to a 30fps cap from Galaxy’s 60 might have made me oblivious back then) but 60fps cap titles like Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Pilotwings Resort always seemed smoother post-update.

Thanks for linking that video by the way. Now that YouTube does 60fps playback on legacy videos which were uploaded at 60fps it’s clear the firmware 5.0 version is running much closer to the original 60fps target.


Pilotwings Resort had a big improvement. I replayed that running at N3DS speed some years later and it was even more of a dream.

I can’t remember if 3D Land had unstable or low framerate, just that I didn’t get on with it until after the 5.x update some 18 months later.


I remember SM3DL being a smooth 30fps game on release day on OG hardware. I remember specifically thinking it was weird how smooth it felt considering I was coming off Galaxy 2 which was double the framerate, and that Nintendo must be programming wizards to make it feel so good.

Not sure about other games though.


I wish that had been my experience :cry:


3D Land, IMO, perfectly encapsulates the best of handheld Nintendo. Levels are the perfect length for a portable game, but also feature just enough innovation and tricky platforming as you go along to make sure you’re challenged but not defeated. When you “beat it” you are still engaged to play what comes next, which is totally worth the time and draws you in even more.

For me, that game is one of their all-time best. I love the 3D of the 3DS and it really shows off what that feature could do for a properly designed 3D game. It only got better on New N3DS because of the eye tracking 3D.


Yea I agree. It’s probably my favorite handheld game of all time in the pre-Switch era.


I really want to play it again now


Me too, I was reading impressions from a friend who only just got round to playing it and it made me want to revisit it again.

I’ve always found it’s rather underrated, particularly when placed next to 3D World which, while more creative thematically, is the less exciting game due to the lack of 3D.

3D Land really capitalised on the 3D effect, asking players to do more because of it.

Which 3D mode did you folk prefer by the way? I always press down on the D-Pad to make it more depth-based, but the default does have some cool out of the screen effects in the top-down areas.


Did anyone play Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball? I honestly think it’s one of Nintendo’s best games, and it’s just a perfect marriage to the system’s 3D effect. The audiovisual feedback is phenomenal and the arcade-style score attacks are so moreish.


Yep I really enjoy Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

I think 3D World is less exciting for a few other reasons, actually. The need to accomodate 4 simultaneous players made the level design less tight for single player gamemplay, even if there is more creativity on display overall. And the game just abandons its ideas a bit too quickly for my taste. Like, there should have been a few more levels that used the cherries, skate items, the mechanic with the background shadows, a few more Mario Kart homages, etc.

I love how many ideas they packed into the game, but I would have loved to see them reused/remixed in more unique ways in later levels.

3D Land was sort of the last 3D Mario which felt like it iterated on its ideas and designs very thoroughly. 3D World, in contrast, sort of uses ideas for 1 or 2 levels then discards them. Which is cool, don’t get me wrong. But it feels like a less deep game as a result, and instead feels more like a slight blend between 3D Land and Mario Party.

I prefer the default.


Since I did Castle Of Illusion on the Master System a couple weeks ago, I managed to find a copy of the sequel that was never released in NA.

Land Of Illusion!


This game is hard!


Love this one too! How did you find it?


I didn’t like the level design quite as much as the first one, and the bosses were far easier. There was also a little slow down in places.

That said, the extra items, branching paths, extra story, better graphics, and unique level ideas (changing scroll direction, two paths on top of one another, etc) was a really welcome change.

It’s a very good sequel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I think the first one is slightly better.


A great analysis! I think I pretty much agree overall.

I remember being so confused at the beginning walking around the map as a kid because I hadn’t played a game with level select like that before. I kept going back to speak to a daisy (I think it was Daisy) over and over again and couldn’t figure out what to do next lol.


Lion King is a bitch. I only completed it on easy I believe back on my Master System.