Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


I did it on normal…still too hard. Also we never got the Master System version.


I think they are very alike, Mega Deive version just looks much better, although the 8bit version isn’t bad looking considering the hardware.


They aren’t at all. I mean, they have the same levels, but the level design, various enemies and some music are completely different to the point of being entirely different games. Even boss fights are different between the versions, in fact the bosses seem much easier on Master System than SNES/GEN.


Oh cool, I might have to play the MD version then!


It’s probably much harder than the Master System version, lol. I know it’s longer too.


Finished Halo 2 on the Xbox tonight. As primarily a 8-bit, then 16-bit, then PC gamer, this is the first FPS game I’ve ever played through completely on a console. I did finish Halo 1, but I ended up waiting for the PC release to get through it.

I still hate the controls with a controller, but I’m trying to train myself to be able to play through and enjoy The Last Of Us!


I remember not liking the ending of that one. The talking plant was a weird decision by the devs too. But great game overall.



Yeah that was a little jarring… I felt like I walked in on the atomic plant in MDK2.



What game is this?


Parodius on Saturn. Rgb via Ossc.





Last night I completed the Mega Drive game Thunder Force IV on Maniac setting :smile:

Wow, that’s a lot of images. Back in the day I thought these were amazing. I guess they still look nice even now.


Very nice… I have yet to try that series.


You may not like the 1st two games due to the overhead sections. Actually the first game is completely overhead but only ever released on Japanese PCs. The 2nd game on the Mega Drive does have some good side scrolling stage taken from Thunder Force AC mind you. The series really kicks off with part 3.


The deed is done. This game was a masterpiece. No idea what to play now.



What game is this?


Outrun 2 (Xbox?)