Post your Retro Setup in Here


Moved my most played stuff to the Oled/OSSC in the living room


To be honest I dont own that many arcade boards. My 3S board stays in the Egrett, but this is all my Naomi stuff aside from the CvS2 and Initial D3 which are in the cabs right now

Also here is the video of the room, I forgot to post it here:


There are so many awesome gaming rooms / man caves in this thread. I’d love to have all my games on display too but due to space and being married that’s not a possibility. I do have 12 systems hooked up to the TV and surround Sound amp though. I’ve put together an updated video of my games room. Still needs so cable management work but it’s looking pretty good so far.


Awesome. 2 game room tour videos in a row. You both have amazing setups!


Cable madness can always be sorted out later, plus I really like the way you arranged your consoles underneath the TV. Very tidy.
Are you still using those colored dust covers, or you decided to go for something more in line with the new piece of furniture?


Nice game room. WTF, is there no dust in Japan?!?!? :grinning: Even though parts of your game room were a little cluttered with lots of games and gear, I didn’t see one spec of dust and everything looked immaculate. I feel like I’m in a constant battle against dust when it comes to my entertainment center, consoles, shelving and game boxes.


You’re not alone in your struggle, sir. We can only keep our Swiffer arsenal armed and ready.


Thanks. I’m still using the coloured dust covers for Saturn and Dreamcast
however I am looking for some nice transparent ones for my other systems.
For the time being though they have towels over them when notbin use.


Haha, yeah we have dust but I’m a pretty clean person. Every week I go
over everything with a microfiber duster. It’s only a quick 5 minute job
if that and keeps everything looking clean.


! Dude I LOVE your channel, big fan here! Your Battle of the Ports series is phenomenal. Thank you for all the awesome content over the years.


Great dust free setup Yakumo.

Gah… a few more months and I’ll be able to update everyone on my setup. It feels like it’s taking forever but I’ve finalized my design and now it’s a matter of whether I plan to redo my floors or not prior to mounting my shelving unit. I’ll have 18 consoles hooked up, 1-2 twenty inch PVMs, a PSVR helmet, as well as a few handhelds in charging docks, all in one installation on my wall without needing to swap any cables or anything.

I plan to make this happen without scaring women away from my 1 bedroom apartment. It’s no small task I assure you.


Don’t worry, I’m sure you give them plenty of other reasons to be scared.

Can’t wait to see your setup though!


The stakes are high @Peltz as I will be using photos of your new setup as key evidence in the case I plan on making to my wife…


Starting to move into the new house…baby steps :smiley:


Thanks for watching, ShinJohnpv. I’ll be back with Battle of the Ports
this coming Saturday after almost a month of now shows due to being on holiday.
This week’s upcoming show will be the original Atari Arcade version of Star
Wars. 15 versions will be shown :slight_smile: sadly the Apple Mac version will be


Ah, that’s the tough part, having everything set up without needing to change cables. I’ve not got as many systems set up as you are planning (12 in my case) but it was still a nightmare. For me I went and complicated matters since all systems MUST have the audio rooted through the 7.1 surround sound system. Audio is just as important for games as image quality for me. Thankfully the TV has an optical out so most systems go via the TV however the PS2, Xbox One X, PC Engine CD and Wondermega are all directly connected to the amp.


Looking pretty tidy. Now all you need to do is have them all connected :slight_smile:


In my apt I did have them all connected at once to primarily one tv, but I don’t think I’ll do that again @_@


Yeah, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to go down that road again. It’s a real headache setting everything up.


That sounds like its going to be an awesome episode, can’t wait!

I’ve got 25/26 items hooked up to my tv, plus receiver, framemeister, switches, external hard drives, charging bases for controllers and hand helds etc. The hard part wasn’t getting all the audio and video flowing into the receiver and then tv. The hard part was powering everything. I ended up spending a good bit of money on 3 really big, and long higher grade power strips, with the plugs rotated so that large boxes wouldn’t cover other plugs. Between those and a power squid I manged to get everything plugged in but I can’t add anything to it right now. I’m not sure how I’m going to work my Super NT into the mix yet. Plus I’ve gotten it in my head I want to add LED light strips and no idea how I’ll power those.