Post your Retro Setup in Here


Would you daisy chain a 4th surge protector? As long as everything isn’t powered at once, it shouldn’t be an issue. (I hope)


Ohh they’re not daisy chained together. Each one is plugged into a different outlet. I don’t think I would daisy chain them.


Man, that’s a lot of devices.
The power situation really is a problem. I know just where you are coming
from there. I had similar issues when it comes to old console power packs
as they tend to cover up two sockets at a time. I ended up buying some
angle adapters which allow for the plug to be mounted vertically. This way
you can have the big power bricks located on either side of the power strip
and still have access to the power strip socket switches since you don’t
really want everything powered at once all day long.


Depending on the desired effect, some LED strips can be powered over USB, which could come from the TV or maybe the receiver or a PC if you have it hooked up.


That’s what I’ve been playing around with, is some USB LED strips. For my setup though the majority of my consoles aren’t actually close to my tv or receiver that a USB line to them could power these strips. I just need more outlets in my living room near my set up.


I’m just sort of getting setup here but this is where I’m at with my retro setup! (I still need to install baseboards)


Nice! Your lack of PC Engine is disturbing. :wink: Looks like you are going to have the space for it. Are you going to do a custom built in?


@Socksfelloff where is the 310??


What do you mean by custom built in? PCE is probably coming in the future though!

@Radarscope1#9257 it’s broken :frowning: it didn’t survive all the moving and storage. There’s a wicked tilt and the left side of the picture is fudged. I’ll fix it when I have some time.


Your wall says that you have room to build your own entertainment center. I’m going to gut a closet and every retro console I own will go into the space. Retro isn’t wife approved but with a basement like you got. I would do a lot of custom wood work and make it exactly to fit my needs.


I got 750sq ft of “me” lol. But it is our main entertaining area so it needs to look respectable too.

In the future I will probably build something more permanent. I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with it, I may put the fv310 back on the tv stand and out the bvm off to the side with my vga monitor. Ill give it some time, maybe I’ll come up with a better idea once I’m settled in and think about it more.


Picked up a second CRT to put in permanent TATE. Found it for free off Craigslist, only knew it was a 20" Sony Trinitron. Turns it is exactly the same model as the one I already had, KV-20FV12. Was hoping it would be one with component inputs, but oh well.

I’m getting geometry issues on both these CRTs. The original one has some banding(?) and the new one tilts noticeably to the left. I’ve poked around the service menu but it’s a mystery to me.

Gonna try to find a better spot for the second TV. It’s getting kinda cramped on this stand. I’m worried the weight of these twin beasts would buckle the whole thing.


Pretty sweet setup considering the price. I don’t mind composite on a CRT as much as some people do.


I’m so used to composite on CRTs now that it totally doesn’t bother me. Upgrading to better options would be great, but also space prohibitive for me I think. I’d rather get a Neo Geo big red than start down the rabbit hole of RGB mods and Sony monitors I think…

I’m more concerned with retro game timings and playability than anything else.


I don’t mind neither (using composite for my PSP output for PS1 games) but I’m running the Wii and DC through S-Video :slight_smile:


The fv12 supports svideo I think. Its also a popular model to mod for rgb.

Tilt control is found in the normal menu, not the service menu. If you can’t fix the tilt with that then it will require manual adjustment.

Flat screen trinis are impossible to get perfect geometry. If it’s really bad though there’s plenty of options in the service menu, just know you’ll never get it perfect.


I don’t see why space would be an issue. PVMs are similar in size to other CRTs, but are more cube like so that they can be stacked easily.


Awesome score! I like the look of that setup, it’s sweet and simple. The tilt control should be in the menu somewhere, or possibly on a ring on the yoke if you are comfortable popping it open.

I’m currently thinking about TATE’ing one of my sets now that I’m getting into shmups. I just don’t know if it’d be worth it.

Speaking of composite quality, the only thing I can’t do is Genesis. My model 2 specifically is horrendous in composite, while SNES and PS1/Saturn are playable at least. Beyond that S-video is a real sleeper. I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and RGB/Component if I wasn’t super familiar with the set. I still use S-video for some of my consoles while I save for component cables, and part of the reason it’s taking so long for me to buy them is that I’m honestly happy with S-video quality.


Great setup, @Yakumo. Quite the closet stuffed full of goodies!


Thanks tron. One day I’ll clean up the closet.