Post your Retro Setup in Here


I use my computer for almost everything really ‘retro’ but I also have a Wii and PS2 soft modded with hard drives w/ many games,


What is that front-end for the emulator? Looks nice.


When I moved here a few years ago, rather than keep most of my retro stuff stored away like at my previous place, I decided to turn the spare room into a dedicated game room. I spend pretty much all of my time at home here now.

Sorry about the crappy lighting and cell phone quality pics. Starting from one corner of the room going to the other corner:

It’s small, but used to be plenty big enough. I’ve pretty much run out of space now. I’ll be moving later this year, which is good, since I’ll have a much larger game room. Still, I’m gonna miss this place.


Love it.


Awesome room. That’s what I’d love to do with my gaming room.


It’s Launchbox. I tried to use one of the free ones but it was confusing to me lol


Looks great! What is that PS TV stand?



I picked up the stand from Amazon Canada awhile back to keep the PSTV steady, so it wouldn’t move around. It’s currently unavailable there now though.


I’ve been working on brightening up the basement and organizing. I still need to set up the PC area and figure out what to do with the bar. I have the skeleton of the projector set up done and I just need to cable everything up. I took an old tablet and loaded it up with scans of gaming magazines so now instead of an e-reader it’s an EGM reader.


The best way to brighten up that room is to replace the wood wall effect. That seems to be a very popular choice in the states. Paint it white or a nice pastel shade. It will also make the room look larger.


I agree. I plan to paint it a brighter color in late spring or early summer when I can open up the windows. I don’t want the paint smell lingering. I want to do something with the floor as well but it will probably have to wait until next year.


Great idea with the dedicated iPad and old magazine scans. I love that. Did you get the scans all from one place or did you scour them from across many sources over time?


Thanks! Most of them came from MOD EDIT -link removed.. I was originally going to use an IPad but I ended up using a Surface RT as it had a lot of built in storage and native USB support. An IPad will work just as well though.


Sorry man. We can’t have links to infringing content.


No worries. How about “Most of them came from Google Search”


That works for me.


fucking incredible!!!


I really wish I had a small space I could just make into a cozy game room. Open concept houses are really annoying sometimes.


Any chance we could get a pic of your open concept house? Maybe there’s a good way to make it happen if we crowd source some ideas.


Sorry, no.

I have much of my basement set up for games/hobby stuff but the main thing that bugs me is due to having cats and a baby so I can’t leave stuff out. I even keep my soldering setup + tools stuffed into small plastic boxes.