Post your Retro Setup in Here


Damn that iPad mag scan idea is freaking genius! I’ll have to remember that when one becomes available.


My wife wanted that when we built our place. I made dam sure upstairs wasn’t like that.


Impressive setups everyone and you’ve all given me inspiration on how I’ll have my setup all designed in the future.


In case any one was interested here’s some shots of the Surface RT running Cover for old magazine viewing:


Nice! I use my android tablet, with Google play books, for all my magazine reading needs.


I’m working on lighting up my setup. Had to do more soldering than I expected and I still need to fully hide the connector wires, but it’s coming along I think.


I need that Secret of Mana poster.


Does anyone have recommendations on PS3/PS4 controller charging docks?


I have this thing for PS4 and it works great. I think there’s an updated version that lets you buy like addons that just snap on to charge more or different controllers.

I think this is the new one




I think this is a near final design:

The top right is a vinyl record collection. Underneath that is a record player.

The row of 3 shelves directly above the HDTV is only 6 inches in depth, and holds handhelds. The 3 shelves above that hold wireless consoles - PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U.

The desk shelves beneath the HDTV have compartments which hold my component, composite, and scart switches. Plus my cable box, router, and remotes/controllers will be hidden in there too. Here is a picture of what that particular row of shelves will actually look like:

(don’t mind the other stuff below/above that row)

Then beneath that is a simple array of consoles/receiver/BNC matrix switch.

The HDTV will be on the articulating mount and will extend past everything so that it can turn vertically as well.

Don’t mind the box in front of the right speaker, it’s supposed to be inside the desk shelf but came to the foreground due to a rendering bug.


That should be awesome once finished.


Here’s what my basement workbench CRT set up currently looks like. I plan on moving this to a rack and expanding it out int he future.


Nice!! I love the vertical mixer, that’s so smart. Did you make the mount yourself?


Good eye! No mount though, I just sort of set the thing up against the wall. This is such a temporary set up I haven’t really worried about it yet. Once I get a rack set up I’ll come up with something a little more permanent. I just had that old mixer lying around in my band room. I figured it’d do in a pinch. Nice thing is I can hook up some powered speakers to it too if I’d like and be able to switch back and forth.


Nice! I see rack mounted mixers for pretty cheap at pawn shops so that may be an option.

Picture of band room please!


What are you using to mock these drawings up?


They have their own software and arrange it for you as many times as you want.


Here’s my humble setup. I have about 160 games, 8 systems, plus 5 handhelds. A few of them are ones I’ve had since new. Master System, Xbox, GameCube.

I’ve been into gaming all my life (30+ years), but collecting only since December.

I play almost daily with my 3yr old boy, so it’s tons of fun watching him learn new things every day.


Nice setup! It’s clean as hell.