Post your Retro Setup in Here


Shit chum, I was joking.

Still, it is great to see another full package. Shit must have been easy to lose or something with how many people don’t have the metal plate, rf shield, model 2 extension, or some combination of them.


From the experts at Sega-16:
The CDX offers some of the clearest sound you can get off of a Genesis, but it does have some minor volume issues. It seems the PSG and 32X PWM are a slight bit too quiet on the CDX compared to FM Synthesis and Sega CD PCM/CDDA. It’s also got overall quieter sound than other Genesis models, but like I’ve said before, it’s got very clear sound. It doesn’t have the bass-heavy audio of the pre-VA7 Genesis Model 1 or Nomad, but its clarity is damn good.

Personally, the CDX with a quality headset is an amazing way to experience the Genesis/Sega CD library.

My Sega CDX setup/shrine:


Yeah. Mine was bought brand new back in the day, and I had a Model 1 Genesis, so everything was hooked up and stayed hooked up for decades. Even though I don’t like throwing game stuff away, even back then, I’m sure if I had a Genesis 2 when I bought my Sega CD, I would no longer have the extension piece.


Just caught to this thread. Im missing the Sega Cd model 2 bottom nub too. :sweat: at least I’ve got the other connectors.


Idk if I could do without that bass in my Genesis games. It’s got such a deep bite. But good to know if alternatives out there.


Agreed Peltz. My test for Genesis audio quality is “Theme of Simon” from Castlevania Bloodlines. If the bass doesn’t melt your face off, you’re not doing it right.


I was admiring your setup and noticed your switch, is that a Kramer? How do you like it?

Edit: I just found your post in the Extron Crosspoint thread. It sounds like an awesome switch and looks a lot nicer on the shelf than a Crosspoint. Sweet!


I can’t imagine there being any difference in quality between the two brands. The Kramer just works exactly how you’d expect and is build like a tank. I imagine the same is true for a brand like Extron.


Yeah, I first heard of Extron surfing retro gaming forums (and have since noticed them in professional environments), but Kramer I’d heard of from several different sources as being one of the best and most durable pro AV brands.

I have a Crosspoint coming in the mail soon, I’m currently looking for some affordable S-video to BNC or even S-video to RCA Y/C cables. All of the options I’ve found are like $20+ per cable. That’s RGB money!


Hello all. This is my first post here, but long time lurker. I still need to do a bit of organizing, but decided I would share and update in the future.


Welcome aboard cubedojo. Your setup is beautiful in its simplicity and organization. Looks like a great place to play some games.


Really like my current 12x8 Extron crosspoint but that said I am a little concerned about what the SNAPHAT batteries inside them are actually used for.

My original 8x4 Extron Crosspoint Ultra just one day randomly died. I tried re-capping it and even using a brand new replacement power supply in it and no luck whatsoever. I’ve not been able to figure out the reason or much of anything else since, but I’ve kept it for spares/repairs regardless.

Hopefully the SNAPHAT battery in them are just for time keeping but if it is for important firmware then the long time durability of Crosspoint’s may in question as the SNAPHAT batteries are not easy to replace especially since they are no longer produced.


You’re gaming room/closet is awesome. I love how it’s organized.:grinning:


I know PVM’s are a massive meme but I love that you have thousands upon thousands of dollars of software and such a humble CRT. Love it.


I could be wrong but that looks like a Panasonic GAOO which is hardly humble. If you want the best of consumer 90s TV it’s not a Trinitron, it’s a GAOO.


Ah cool. Thanks for educating me.


OK, I really need to know the brand of that tub you’re using for the NES overflow storage. That looks great.

Also love all the GB games loose in that drawer. When they’re all in cases, you can just store 'em in a big old pile like that.


Well, I guess I never posted my setup here. These are from last year but not much has changed…although I have added more shelves. I’ll get a pic of that sometime.


Looooooooove this. This kind of aesthetic is my jam, but my wife vetoed it @_@.


Still one of my favorite setups. I love the floating shelves. Even with all the games displayed, it never looks messy or cluttered.