Post your Retro Setup in Here


If heaven had a gameroom, I imagine this is what it looks like.


Yeah, I recall seeing those pics in the old forum. Still one of the best!


They are the iris brand small media containers from container store :ok_hand:


This is great! What are the shelves visible in the first and second photos with your consoles on them?


These pictures definitely inspired my current setup in many ways. Yours is perfect though.

Mind still needs some work to get this clean looking. What sort of covers are those that you’re running your cables through?



Thanks, I’m using these I got off amazon. They are wide enough to fit all the scart and power cables…barely. Link


Little set-up in the guest bedroom for when people stay with us. Best for fans of the 80s - early 2000s.

Two CRTs, NES, N64, Composite Roku, VCR, DVD player.


Really good looking set up.


Really love that Panasonic CRT “Data Grade Color Monitor” you have there.
Any chance to see what inputs it has to the rear?




Love that little monitor! Some CRT designs are just dope. If I had my druthers and new CRTs were being produced today, one of the models would be a set like this with a 900-line Ikegami tube and BVM-style input and setup options.


It’s kinda crazy how so many AV related things have logos like ours. Ours was totally an independent creation. In fact, we had another logo that we didn’t use specifically because it plagerized.

But it seems a lot of other designers had the same idea as our final logo and I’ve only noticed them very recently. In fact, that Panasonic one is something I’d never seen before.

AVS forum is another one:



Everyone seems to like the red green blue shapes.

(Ours is still the best)


Totally, on all counts :wink:


These guys have a cool logo


Too soon!?


For those who don’t know, here were some of the original logos we were working with:



I’m glad we ended up not using any of these. Our current logo may not be as flashy, but it’s way cleaner and more versatile.

This was the one in the lead:


I googled it but I’m still not sure what a Seedi is/was


Just got the OSSC and 5.1 system worked into the room and cleaned some space up. Once I get an hdmi box to convert the Wii U and Switch Surround sound into something my theater setup can handle I’ll be just about maxed out I feel, but you know how that goes. It seems you guys know of a lot of good little shelving options. Any suggestion for something like a square shelf I could mount on the corner of my wall to elevate one of my speakers? Anyways here’s some recent pictures. Also let me know if anybody has any tips for maybe getting these screens a little closer to each other in color, like how the colors on the CRT Monitor in the Spryo screenshot seem to be very different on in the sky.


We finished the basement a few years ago, and now I can display most of my collection. The shape of my basement is a bit akward, which makes capturing everything in one shot difficult, but i’m happy with how it turned out.

Here’s my gameroom!

My virtual boy and gameboy store sign:

My older stuff - coleco tabletops, game & watches, atari, intellivision, odyssey 2 games:

And my SD gaming setup - I actually just replaced my 27" JVC D Series with the 32" model. I found it on the side of the road in my street the other night while walking my dogs:

My boxed NES collection:

And here’s a shot of the most of the room, more or less.