Post your Retro Setup in Here


Great setup! I’m rank it a 9.8 out of 10, the only marks being taken off because the placement of your Megadrive… There’s no room for Sega CD or 32x attachments!

In all seriousl though, it’s very clean. I use similar shelving from Ikea which I love.


Awesome set up!


To be fair, there is no room for such a setup in most places on earth.
Team Model 2 Sega CD is Too Big.


It actually fits perfectly on top of a 20" pvm/bvm. :3


I haven’t hooked up my 32X in years since I switched to a SEGA CDX. I can’t bring myself to add the mushroom to it. I still have my Model 1 Genesis for it, though. Someday…

Nice setup @Suteneko! Once I get my room cleaned up, I have to post mine…


Team Ghetto Sega CD setup


Mine’s the same. The cost to get that plastic bit that goes underneath the model 1 Genesis is just not worth it, but it looks so bad without it.


I bet someone has made a 3D printed version. Man sometimes there are so many parallels in my old car hobby and retro gaming.


Thanks for the welcoming replies.

I had to take the legs off the IKEA BESTÅ TV Bench as the 20" PVM was causing it to bow under its weight and not at all helped by the insufficient/flimsy center supporting leg the unit includes. I did originally mean to go back to IKEA to pick up 2 more of the more robust leg stubbarp’s to use in the center instead but I just don’t see any need anymore.

There is still plenty of room for a MEGACD, I could just swap the Megadrive to the location where my PS1 resides at the moment or as others have said just stack it on top of the PVM, though I’m not so keen on that idea.

That said in my previous place I didn’t have as much room to spare and I had to do exactly that! (See below:)


Looking good dude! Welcome aboard.


Sonic 2 on screen makes it a 10/10


The texture would be very different, it would need to come from a mold. That said the “extra” piece looks stupid as well. The model 2 cd was really meant to go with the model 2 genesis(i have a model 1 hdg on a model 2cd)


I still want a Sega CD but anecdotal lack of reliability of the model 1 version is turning me off. And model 2 just looks Frankenstein-like unless paired with model 2 genny.


Get a CDX!

Covering all the bases except 32X CD games… which I could do if I put the mushroom on the CDX I think…


That’s a tasty picture. Lots of fun gaming to be had with those carts.


Doesn’t that have shit audio? Is there a way to put in a new laser and fix the audio to sound almost Gen1 level? I would be interested in something like this ONLY if I wouldn’t take a sound hit.


Well, I honestly don’t know. If it’s “shit” then I’ve been wallowing in shit for a long time now!

I would imagine there are YouTube videos that audibly confirm the difference?


Some Model 2 titilation for you all… I didn’t realize this piece was so lusted after.


Now do a high res closeup of the metal connecting plate. Also the RF sheilds.


I didn’t unhook the console, but I think the RF Shield is still there.