Post your Retro Setup in Here


OMG! That 3DO Demo Disc Program binder… where did you get that?! I had one of those when I worked at Electronics Boutique and got the 3DO rep to come in and show off the system. He left me the whole binder when he was done. I eventually sold it online with the 3DO to maybe NCSX or someone? New York I think? I got a used Neo Geo in return.

It could be the same one!


Nice! Loving the look


I have an in law that worked at panasonic. I didn’t even know we had it until we moved into our current house and started going through some bins we had in storage. The 3DO, the binder and a handful of games where in it… it was a good day:)


Fantastic! That would explain it. Panasonic was sending out their reps with those binders to push the 3DO after about a year when the decent games were available. It is a great selection of titles from the system. I regretted it as soon as I sent it away.

Great collection!


Cool set-up! I dig it!


Looks great. Nice and cozy but has everything you’d want, really. Crazy about finding a nice JVC set while out walking your dog. That’s one of those things we will look back on and marvel at in years to come.


I’m kinda jealous that his basement gets as much natural light as basically my whole apartment. :stuck_out_tongue:


I on the other hand have blocked out as much natural light from my basement/gaming area as possible >_>


We’re lucky the original owners went with huge basement windows!


This looks like a great place to chill and play some games. Nice work!


Everything about this is awesome, but I especially like the desk placement behind the couch. I may have to steal this idea for my new setup.


Man, that is a beautiful games room. Not cluttered at all. Love the style.


Why did he/she try to pass off such blatant logo theft as something new? Attempted trolling? There were a lot of weird shenanigans after the old forum imploded, like that one place that pretended to be the new GAF replacement but was using new members’s computers to mine cryptocurrency in the background.


No… just a disagreement as to whether it was plagiarism. I thought it was, he thought it wasn’t.




Damn, all these set-ups makes me want a house with a dedicated Game Room!

@Peltz What turntable is that?


Rega Planar 6


I was having a hard time figuring it out as the newest P6’s have a clear cover. Nice table!

I’m planning to get the Rega Planar 2 as my first table this year :slight_smile:


I haven’t used this one but a selfish plug because I used them forever is to get Techinques 1200 or 1210 models. These are like the PVMs of turn tables for nearly 3 decades. I put thousands of hours on my pair of 1200 and never had any issues. There are other direct drive Techniques that don’t have a pitch adjuster but if we are going full bore enthusiast here might as well use what the pro dj’s used since the birth of hip-hop.


I think I posted an in progress shot of this awhile back. Since then I’ve changed the LED strips I’m using, and the power supply for them. I also ran into a problem where 3 of the strips would only give me yellow, green and red light, but I managed to get that fixed as well. I need to wrangle all the wires and shit but this side of my set up is now lit! I also need to try and get it working with my wifi/phone so I can access more colors and control it that way.

Next is getting another controller and PSU for the left over strips I have to light up the center section.