Post your Retro Setup in Here


The glass looks cool but you’re going to have your work cut out making those cables look neat. I gave up with mine and just the everything behind the console cabinet.


I’ve posted pics of my stuff before but I keep re arranging it. I think I finally found a layout I’m happy with and can now start decorating!


I’m invited myself over next time I’m in your area! Looking fly.


I invited you already lol. We got a guest room too so you don’t have to couch it (unless you want to)


That couch does look comfy (and close to the games)…


Can I come too? :cry:


Yeah Wire management is really difficult with this stand. If/when we move to some place with a bigger space I plan to build something myself, with more of a back to hide the wires. Damn the wires.


Lets play eye-spy.

I spy with my little eye…

Two Breath of the Wild boxes (wii u & switch collector editions?)

Not 1, but 2, ASCII SNES pads.

2 PS3 Phats (probably 1 hacked, 1 stock, or 1 for imports)

Hard to see, but looks like he has the bottom piece for his sega cd model 2 to fit his model 1 genesis.

A sweet late century wet bar with another giant back-up-crt.

Good Job Socks!


Of course! Just bring some NYC pizza and bagels please!

@Kawika You’re close! I actually have 3 BoTW special editions. 2 NA and 1 European with the master sword.

I have 2 ascii pads and I love them to death

I have 2 ps3 phats. 1 is a hacked bc model and 1 is legit

I do have the bottom piece of the Sega CD. It’s probably the rarest item in my collection.

I do have an old wet bar. I need to refinish it when I get some time!


Just thinking about this, you could you get some long velcro staps and wrap them around the metal backplate sandwiching the shelves, then a couple more in each of the wire grommets. Then you can run the wires straight back and use the back plate and velcro to hide any excess wire by looping it up and securing it to the back of the shelf. Put the switch and power tap behind as well and it should be a lot cleaner.

Here is a Paint doodle I did to help picture it. Shelf is black, velcro green, console purple, wire red, and switch dark blue.



Man, that is lovely. I’m very envious.


Awe thanks. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use the space between my gaming and workout equipment but I’ve got 750sqft to play with in the basement


Ditch the workout equipment. It’s just for show MIRITE!?


Gootta train up for that fateful day you find a Megaview, man!


Just lift CRTs instead of weights.


Was about to say just do 5x5 PVM lifts.


I’ve lugged all my shit around so many times as I re arrange things it makes me question if I even need the actual weights.

I always thought it would be fun to put a 36" crt on either side of a barbell and deadlift/squat it for a video.


It’s hard to tell from the picture but I’m already doing something like that. Plus the back of the Shelves have the power strips attached to them. I have these running up the spine of each shelf.

Between that, the power cables, the scart cables, and everything else there’s no room for the switch or anything else to go back there. Plus they’re rounded so, you kind of have less space than you think to work with.

When the wires come out of the holes in the back they get velcro tied together, with power on one side, and AV on the other side.

The mess at the bottom is a lot of excess component cabling, I’d like to buy some shorter runs for it, but just haven’t yet.


I can say that buying properly sized cable is worth it, I’ve started to replace a lot of my cabling to get more efficient runs and it has cleaned things up a lot.

I recommend thrift stores and Goodwill for analog cabling. I have found maybe 75% of my current cables that way for $.50-1.00 each, some of them pretty nice brands and brand new.


Just did an update to my set up, got a wider rack so I can put my monitors next to each other. Changed the positioning of my consoles and added a Sony SVO-9600 VCR so I can watch a handful of classics in their intended format.

I’m currently waiting on an Extron USP 405 scan converter for converting the VCR from S-video to RGBS. I’m also waiting on an Extron RGB 202 rxi. The goal for that is to hook up my Nintendo switch through a HDMI to VGA converter, run it into the USP to convert it to RGBS and tweak it down to 240p through the rgb interface. I’ll let you guys know how it goes when I get it all set up!