Post your Retro Setup in Here


lmao the game room.


Sorry. I’m wanting to buy more if that helps? :stuck_out_tongue:


OK enough of these fancy theme park attractions for people with their lives together. Time for some true spirit.

Note especially the sick custom mod on the buttons, courtesy of the USPS. In the lower left is my PC, which I hook up to the tube and play emulated games on. I know you’re all jealous.


Reposting my paltry set up from chat. It gets the job done for now…


I wish I had a big enough place to actually display all my stuff. Most of it is all over or in storage boxes due to size constraints :frowning:

Maybe I should take some pictures of what I do have one day…


Those are some choice consoles you have hooked up there.


Here’s my little retro corner. Got a Wii and Dreamcast hooked up under a Sony CRT, and a mess of wires running out the back. Have had the CRT on its side for a couple of weeks now, but I think it needs to go back upright so I can try out the new Tengai Makyou Zero translation on the Wii via emulation.


Love to see that Tater tot. Some day if I get a larger CRT, I’ll dedicated my current one to tate. For now I cautiously wait 10 minutes after unplugging and 10 more after flipping, which can be annoying.


It’s just not an authentic CRT experience if you’re not using a pencil to change the channel.


I remember not being able to play my NES because the TV itself would skip channels 3 and 4 unless you manually selected them with a remote, that I couldn’t find.


I never had that problem. I remember we had one of these high tech things to change the channel:

Too bad we kept it until like the year 2000 lol


Or a pair of pliers.


Is this the safe way to flip a CRT?


Apparently. I throw caution to the wind and just turn it off, flip it, then turn it back on.


Yeah that’s what I’ve always been told. But aside from safety/permanent damage (which I’ve never actually heard anyone report), you can get temporary geometry issues if you flip it without waiting.


What a nicely composed shot!


Mine is not as fancy as many posted here unfortunately but it’s pretty functional.

The receiver on top is just to swap component inputs so almost everything is connected ready to go. The VCR is also connected. I usually watch some very old sutff like the Mario Bros. movie or Dai-Apolon.

Controllers, cables and cartridges are all in boxes in the bottom doors.

PS2, Gamecube, Xbox : Component
Saturn, SNES, Nintendo 64: S-video

With the limited space, I usually swap the PS2 and Xbox but the cables are all there so it’s not that painful. I also have a Dreamcast but I need to calibrate the lens.


Here’s my mess. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is where my most of my systems are set up.

With more systems connected under the tv.

I really need to get a GSCARTSW one of these days.

Here’s how everything is connected


Sega Master System
PC Engine Duo

With no switch : (



Going into a Pelican System Selector pro



Going into a Pelican I think S-Video/Composite switcher but one of these weekends Im going to move them to the Big Pelican since it can do those as well


Atari 7800

All of these are going into my Framemeister, which then goes directly into my receiver.


AV Famicom
PS3 Slim
Xbox 360

These go into a Kinivo 5 port switch

Wii U

All of these, except for the PS4, go into a Sabernet (I think, been changing things in and out had one die) HDMI switch (for now, going to be replacing it soon). Since one of the 4.something updates my PS4 doesn’t work with my HDMI switch any more. The video cuts in and out randomly. No its not from the Nintendo Switch, I’ve tried configurations with the Nintendo Switch not plugged into it and the PS4 still has this issue with the HDMI switch.

To finish everything off I have my tv mounted to the wall with a rotating wall mount for Shmups!


That vertical shmups setup is sexy af!!!