Post your Retro Setup in Here


@ShinJohnpv that’s the tate Nirvana… I guess next stage would be a zero-g room with a 100" display/projector. :smiley:


That’s next level thinking! Why rotate the monitor when you can rotate yourself!


lol that would be freaking amazing. Though I’m not sure if the fiance would be cool with that in the living room.


Finally figured out that this was an actual place! I’ll have to post in abit.


I really like the way you displayed those funtastic N64s! Also a great looking game room!


Keep at it and you’ll get there. I kept everything in storage for years until I could find a place for everything.


I love the ones with the cubbies with lights, it just looks fantastic. One of these days when I have a larger living room that is the plan to make similar. I will also second that the way those funtastic N64s are displayed is awesome, really highlights their colors.


Hey all!

I’ll copy and paste my post from the other board:

Nothing too impressive compared to others here, but here’s my current setup:

Tried to get a good balance between modern and retro. My PC and Switch cater for everything modern (PC is an i7 3770k/GTX 1070 build) while the rest is pretty damn retro, and set up for RGB goodness. I made an effort to mod every system myself. List:

  1. Sega Mega Drive - Asian PAL model. Modded to 60hz/region free switch installed and timing crystal replaced with an NTSC spec one. I also built an RGB bypass board and installed that for the best picture quality and adjusted the audio output.
  2. AV Famicom - I installed the NESRGB board. Adjusted the resistors on the audio line to ensure expansion audio games (CV3, FDS, etc) are levelled correctly.
  3. Sega Saturn - JP model. Region free BIOS and modchip installed. Digital audio output installed using a board I built, optical socket at the back.
  4. Sega Dreamcast - VGA output
  5. Super Famicom Jr - RGB modded. Optical audio board built by myself with a cirrus logic chip and optical audio port installed at the back for perfect audio.
  6. N64 - RGB modded. Tabs removed to play both USA and JP carts.
  7. JVC professional CRT monitor. Bought for £25. Didn’t want to buy a ludicrously priced RGB input card, so I built one myself for less than a tenner. Added a SCART socket at the back.

I also have an OSSC set up via the scart switch boxes so I can play any retro title on the big screen with one button press.


Rich, I like your setup, but could you move your center channel speaker a few inches to the left? The assymetry is messing with my brain.

Or is that due to a lack of shielding?


Yep! CRT must be protected at all costs

The Mission speakers are shielded, but the Tannoy centre speaker isn’t.


The most recent shot of my setup. I can swap in other consoles fairly easily but these are the ones that I typically keep hooked up. Not pictured - on the left of the PVM is a Genesis + 32x + Sega CD and a CD-I.


You own a CDi? Why would you do that to yourself?

Awesome setup though!


I picked up the CD-I for cheap recently mainly just to add another unique system to the pile. It has interesting iterations of “classic” FMV games, at least, which are fascinating. Also games like Flashback and the like.

It’s not a good system at all but it is interesting and I got a unit with RGB output, at least.


Where’d you get that glass table?


Looks great! Pro monitors tend to look pretty ugly on wood or on regular stands, but your solution seems ideal, in order to blend it with the rest of your setup. :+1:


Really like the look of those speakers!


NES and SNES in their rightful spots— king of the hill!

Do you really play from that far away?


Thanks! 30 years old and going strong. Still sound absolutely fantastic. I’ve got another later model set for my rear speakers.


Just a preliminary picture for now since I realized I didnt post anything yet. Also its pretty late and I cant sleep for some reason.


But Revenge of Shinobi wins for being on the TV.