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My PS2 slim modchip (Ghost2) boots burnt PS1 games OK.

“G.2 will automatically detect whether a PS1, PS2 CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD9 or DVD+RW (Homebrew ELFs), original domestic CD/DVD is inserted and then boot it without any interaction from the user.”


@dubc I’m in the same boat. I didn’t own a ps2 untill after the PS3 was out and I’ve barely played any ps2 games on it.

@matt neat ! The few ps2s I have with chips all refuse to recognize burnt PS1 games


Same here!


Yeah, sounds like you’ve maybe got an older chip?

I’ve got a Modbo 4.0 (Matrix clone) and I hold circle to force it into PS1 mode at boot.


Huh maybe I’ll look into it over the weekend. It was a thrift store special and I’ve never opened it up


Ha, stopped back at the store and grabbed a ntsc-j copy of Gran Turismo 3. Metal Jesus was there lol.


Better buy all the ps2 games there before he finds another hidden gem


ntsc-j ps2 games work, yeah! Well they should on a ntsc-j console lol. I’m more excited that the power supply works.

@harborline_765 I owe you a drink if you’re ever in the Seattle area. I bought the console in May '17 but hadn’t tested it due to the 220-240v/50Hz label.

Edit, I spent about two hours playing GT3 tonight. It’s probably the first time I’ve played it since GT4 was released. It’s still really good! It has aged well on a CRT if you can handle a -ton- of shimmer. For some reason playing the JPN version tricks my mind into thinking I’m playing a new game even though I probably put 100 hours into it 18 years ago. Grabbed my IA license and won several events in an underpowered, but lightweight AE86. The physics hold up. Also some nice touches I had forgot about; hearing the crowd cheer when driving through grandstand sections is a nice touch. I don’t recall that from 5 or 6 (I haven’t played GTS).


I remember being a little disappointed that the final retail version of GT3 toned down the drifting compared to the demo but still loved the game. Those replays were mind-blowing back in the day.

This is worrying, not checked my PS2 pads in ages


I don’t think I ever played the demo. Was that one of the Tokyo concept titles?

Ugh, not thrilled by that tweet. I feel like when I’m old(er) none of the stuff I bought thinking I could play later will work and I’ll be left with a bunch of junk.


I believe it was the OPS2M demo, not sure if it released in other places other than Europe. I do like sim racers but I lean way more towards arcade titles and so appreciate things like drifting a little more. Although I could be wrong and the cars were just setup in a particular way in the demo.

Yeah that tweet has me a little worried too, I’ll have to make a note and check my pads when I have some free time.


Gah, that’s a shame. I guess we need to look into some good third party pads in the long run.


This feels unnecessary considering I have three memory cards already, but I just had to pick up a ceramic white one to complete the look. Shame the system didn’t ship with matching AV and power cables ether but that’s probably a big ask, especially for solus AV cables!


That’s a damn fine looking console.


I feel your pain… I have a clear memory card for my PSOne, and it looks cheesy. I want a white one!


Ditto but with my grey ps1 memory card. Didn’t think about getting one in white - though I guess grey matches the Namco controller connectors…


Makes me glad Microsoft chose a similar colour to be the default for the Xbox One S. I think that’s a gorgeous console as well with similarly timeless design language. But I can’t see any other console refresh getting as impressively small as the PS2 Slim…okay the Switch is already there but that’s cheating haha.


Idk if the Switch has a timeless design to be honest. The rails that connect the joycons aren’t exactly beautiful. When it’s docked and grey joycons are attached it looks slick though.


I mean the Switch is already there for compact size. I’m a not a big fan of the design language with the Switch, it’s pretty unremarkable. Dock included.


For anyone that cares, there’re a few DTL-30k units on the US Ebay right now for very good prices.