PS2 Appreciation Thread | The Greatest Sequel Ever Made


Thanks Dwayne, added to the OP.


Do you guys think I should remove the Notable Exclusive pics from the OP? It just seems like it might be too much picture scrolling…


It’s fine. I like it even, and after the first view you are just taken to latest post anyway so no scrolling.


Love love love my PS2. I’ve got a phat console hooked up to my 32" Trinitron via component. It’s awesome to have this setup and I love revisiting my PS2 favorites regularly.

I’m working on a playthrough of Metal Saga right now


Almost done with my Shadow Hearts playthrough, ready to go to the final dungeon. This time I’m going for the good ending, Even if it’s not canon, it doesn’t really bother me.

I love these games so much. The somber atmosphere is still so unique.


I haven’t played the third one yet (which I’m told is a pretty big departure from the first two, at least stylistically), but I loved the first two games. If I had to pick a favorite, it’d probably be the first one, simply because I like the horror vibe and the PS1-style prerendered backgrounds.

Also, this:

One of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen.


I finsihed 1 and 2 back in the day and even though the second improved in many areas, I prefer the original also. The second game is still a great sequel and I like it a lot but the horror atmosphere was toned down a lot. The ending though, blew my mind in so many levels.

From the third one, I played around 10 hours. I remember getting the vampire girl which was the sister of Keith from the first game. Gameplay whise it felt like a competent game, but yeah, the complete tonal shift threw me off. I’ll give it a proper shot someday, now with my expectations on check and I’ll try to enjoy it for what it is.


I’ve added My Life in Gaming’s comprehensive “Getting the best picture from your PS2” video to the OP. It’s pretty much the ultimate primer for displaying PS2 on modern TV’s.


my first slim I bought modded with a Matrix Infinity. Helloooooooooo imports.


The PS2 theme is coming to PS4, makes me feel nostalgic!


That’s cool!


Waiting for it to go live on the US psn. Seems to be up in other areas.


Listing is live on US psn. :3


I done bought it.


Convert some PS2 games from 480i to 240p.

I’ve been wanting to mod my PS2 so I can run games off the hard drive for this type of use case.


I’m glad this exist, I wanted more 240p games on PS2.


I’ve had my PS2 slim for many, many years, but wouldn’t say it ever got heavy use. Today I fired it up for the first time in about a month and got a clicking sound when I put in a disc and turned it on. It booted to the browser home screen, but wouldn’t recognize any disc I put in. Anyone experience this before? Web searches and online comments have been tough to wade through because it’s not always clear the person is referring to the fat or slim models. Even though used PS2s are pretty cheap, I’d still rather fix this somehow.


That sounds like either a laser or motor engine. Does the disc spin?


The disc spins, but it makes an “unnatural” sound that I’ve not heard before. I did a little more experimentation and discovered that it will read and play PS1 discs, but PS2 discs will not work regardless of which game I put in.


Did you try any of the “blue” CDROM PS2 games in it? The PS2 has two lenses and often one will fail before the other. Sometimes just because dust has settled between them.


Happened to have a blue-back disc (thanks, ICO!) and tried it out. It didn’t make the same awful sound that the other silver PS2 disc do, but it also didn’t play.

I took the case off last week and attempted to clean what I could, but must have missed the dual-laser set up. I’ll search for some guides/examples unless there’s anything specific you’d point me to.