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Sounds like a lens issue. Luckily they aren’t too difficult to replace.


I believe the PS2 only has one laser, that varies the focus to shift between CD and DVD.

My PS2 back in the day would read CD and DVD, then when GT4 arrived it did not want to play dual-layer DVD’s, which the movies use, had to open and clean it. Worked fine after that.

Most PS2 games came on a single layer DVD, a few were CD (blue ones) and dual layer DVD’s.


You are right it only has one laser. But it does have 2 lens:



Great link about fixing PS2 DRE (Disc Read Errors):


One thing to try for sure is to just clean the lens with a isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip. That brought my Sega Saturn right back!


I’m trying to patch my copy of draqon quest 5. There’s a program that is supposed to expand the iso. When I drag my file into it all it does is close. Has anyone run into this?


Is the ISO in the same folder as the program? Other than that idk what else could be the problem.


If you’re running off the hard drive just use OPL with inbuilt GSM to set the resolution per game.


Interestingly later models didn’t include the same PS1 hardware, so later PS2 models run PS1 games through emulation.


Do you know if there are any downsides to this and at which model did they stop? I’m presuming all PS2 slims have PS1 emulation. Do some of the phat PS2’s too?


All PS2 models use some degree of emulation for PS1 backwards compatibility.

The way it works is not a software emulation but rather an IC level emulation.

The PS2 hardware has a chip that runs PS1 CPU code natively which takes over being the main CPU when PS1 games are run. In earlier systems, this CPU is an actual MIPS R3000 CPU. In later ones, for whatever insane reason, it is a PowerPC architecture chip with a MIPS emulation layer bolted on (look up Deckard). All normal PS1 system busses remain or are emulated again at the IC/hardware level so it all manages to work.

Then in all PS2 models the graphics hardware is emulating the PS1 graphics hardware, which leads to minor rendering differences along with a few unplayable games.

The line for this is the 75000 series. That’s the second revision slim PS2, so all original models and the first slim have better / more accurate PS1 compatibility. Interestingly this change also screws up some PS2 games as the same CPU is used for the IO processing and for the PS2 sound hardware.

Take a look here for more details on which games are not compatible but there are certainly more with minor differences:


There are artifacts on PS1 games that I don’t like on PS2 (I have presented this earlier on Gaf and RGB). These are present on both phat PS2’s I have (one old one newer), and a 90000 slim:

Here’s the oriignal post I made:

I definitely seeing some vertical ugly lines that are only present on my PS2, same RGB cable and CRT monitor being used on both.

Zoom in on my pics to check them out:



Here are two more close up:

photo23-08-162048137hup6.jpg4032x3024 2.06 MB


photo23-08-16205102jhupk.jpg4032x3024 2.82 MB



@ResidentDante Very odd. What game is that?

@poptart thanks for summarising! Another good one here

I play my PS1 gamed on PS2 via POPS, another approach to emulation, a software program that runs PS1 games (similar but different to Deckard) and can be subverted to run from USB.

Also interesting is that each revision changed the chips slightly. It was the same for PS1, later BIOS had graphics rendering differences (mainly bug fixes IIRC).


It’s Rage Racer, but it’s in all 3D games. Just not as noticable as racers as the ground is moving towards you and the lines become prominent. Tried different cables, screens, PS2’s etc. There’s a reason why I prefer using an original PS1.


Without wanting to retread the whole thing, have you tried a different TV?

I play on PVM and on Projector and I’ve never noticed that. The only thing similar was on an old LCD that I had.


I have indeed, it might just be me being picky. But once I noticed them, I just can’t unsee them. They are forgettable for most players, and are mostly noticable on fast moving 3D.


Yeah, those lines would drive me batshit insane.


Well now I can’t unsee them. I tried out R4 Ridge Racer on my PVM and it’s so noticeable, it’s all across the screen, that I’m surprised I never noticed it before. It probably has something to do with the way the PS2 emulates the PSX gpu. Only other game I ever noticed anything weird was SOTN, the Moon in Olrox’s Quarters has a visible box around it.


Yeah and the sad thing is that there’s no way to fix it. Luckily PS1’s are super easy to get hold of.


I have my original stored away somewhere but I guess now that I’m aware of this I’m gonna have to pull it out. Things like these annoy me way too much once I notice it. At least I get to hear that sweet PSX startup now.


As far as I can see it seems to be a system wide problem, which no matter which model PS2, cable or TV you use, the lines are there.

Wasn’t my intention to ruin your experience, but it’s a problem that I feel is overseen by many, especially for those that want the best picture quality out of their games on original HW.