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Try a different power socket?




damn, no joy there. was worth a shot!
really wish i could find my other slim…now i’m thinking it’s the power cable though. anyone got a link on a PS2 slim power cable on amazon?


Hi guys, new to the site but have been playing PS2 games since launch here in the UK!

I immediately kicked off the year with a monumental screw up and bought a tv with no component input, and with the return policy of the store being absolute trash I can’t return it since I opened the box. I’ve been getting back into the PS2 lately - Yakuza, Ridge Racer V, Persona 4 have been super fun - so suddenly not being able to play these games is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Sure I could use composite, but why?

So I did the research, found out about the OSSC (thanks My Life in Gaming :slight_smile: ) and was pretty much settled on buying it when I realised that all the videos I’d watched on it were with the NTSC model of PS2.

I know the history of the whole PAL-NTSC thing but I’m wondering if I should purchase an American or modded PS2 and start converting my library now while I’m future-proofing my whole setup for the next decade. The PAL PS2’s output of 576i is pretty unconventional anyway and moving from a 50Hz console to a 60Hz one might just be more worthwhile, but I’ll admit I’m still a little uncertain of the PS2’s video modes across the regions.

I guess I just want to be sure that if I manage to develop a better eye for the visuals that older consoles deliver, I won’t have to overhaul my setup again. Thanks in advance!


Have you tried it with a composite cable. Sounds like a power issue


yeah that’s not a bad idea either…looked it up on Amazon where I’d bought it and saw others had that exact issue for power reasons, as you’d said. found a consignment shop on eBay selling a stock sony one, should be here soon! here’s hoping that does the trick


Welcome to the site!

I’m not sure how PS2 was with optimized 50hz games but the ossc is a fantastic purchase regardless!


A lot of PAL PS2 games have 60hz mode but some games, like Ridge Racer V, don’t unfortunately so yeah get an NTSC machine or mod your PAL PS2. Ridge Racer V alone is worth doing that :smiley:

OSSC is great and a worthwhile investment. For interlaced games, it’s worth noting that on an IPS/OLED LCD screen you might get image persistence when using the bob-deinterlace modes of the OSSC (not sure about the Line3x (laced) mode). You can also let it pass-through the OSSC untouched and your TV will then deinterlace it without causing such an issue @Galdelico will now more about this. Will you solely be using PS2? It might not be worth getting if you’re only using a PS2 and passing through the signal.


Oh man, thanks for the info! Guess my shopping list is gonna have to expand a bit for a chipped machine then :stuck_out_tongue:

The OSSC would solely be for a PS2 for now but I’ll be picking up a Gamecube pretty soon and possibly an N64 too. I’m considering a DVDM as well but I’m a little unsure what else I’d use it for and it’s a pretty hefty piece of kit for the space I’m working with for now. Honestly, I’ve really only been looking into upgrading my systems for the past few months so any hints or tips for even a basic setup would be greatly appreciated!