PS2 Appreciation Thread | The Greatest Sequel Ever Made


Wow! Thanks for the information - had no idea about the patents. Nice to see Micky Albert crop up again!
Interesting about the IP sharing too. Surely a PC version could happen - but really, it would be perfect for the Switch. Especially in tabletop mode with the 3 Window mechanic.

I’d miss using A+B to pinch a replay Mii and drop it in though - Wii remote is still a sublime pointing device.


Re: PS2 vertical stand. It finally arrived, I screwed it on, and…turns out my PS2 Slim won’t read PS2 discs when placed vertically. Makes a quiet grinding noise for about three seconds before doing nothing. Turning it horizontally usually fixes it, but I haven’t had it work in vertical mode…oh well.


Hmm… Sounds like gravity may be impacting your laser mechanism’s capability to move freely. Not sure if you are comfortable opening the PS2 up, but if so, I would recommend a little bit of white lithium grease on the rails/gears of the laser mech.


Thank you. I’ll have a read online before I open it up - it’s a shame the laser on all the PS2s I’ve owned has been so fragile!


My ps2 usually behaves weird in the vertical stand, longer loading times, etc.


Hello again - I looked into the problem as it’s become more severe on my PS2 Slim lately. Here’s what I know:

  • PS1 discs still play fine - never had any issues
  • CD Rom PS2 games are also fine
  • DVD Rom PS2 games don’t play at all, that’s where the grinding noise happens every time I put the disc in and shut the lid.

Would it definitely still be the rail? I’m not really well versed on how it works when you shut the lid, but I don’t quite understand why CDs work fine but DVDs don’t - does the laser have to travel a further distance for DVDs? I notice that the disc isn’t really spinning after the grinding noise stops.

It seems like this might also fix the issue, but the video doesn’t mention anything about CD games still working. What do you think? Not sure if it’s a laser problem or a rail issue - probably the latter based on what you said and the extra details I’ve mentioned above.


Worth a go.

Perhaps the mechanism doesn’t have to go quite so far down with CDs?


Hmm, interesting that it won’t read any DVDs… Is that also for when you have it horizontally, or just vertically?

Silly question, but I’m assuming you gave your laser a good cleaning?


I gave it a try using both, er, folded post-it-note paper, and then kitchen foil. Neither worked. Really starting to wonder what the issue is now…

Also it’s a real shame the sticker covering one of the screws reveals ugly VOID text on it - and on your unit - once you peel it back! Ruins the clean design of the system!

Thanks for asking - it used to only be a constant issue when it was stood vertically, fixing itself when I’d place it horizontally. But for some reason it happens all the time now. Haven’t touched the laser yet - though I’m assuming the lack of spinning motion and weird grinding noise is a rails issue


Just a quick update - it was indeed the lens! Cleaned it with a cotton bud and isopropyl and it’s seemingly good as new now. Opened it up and removed the foil scrap and it’s still working fine.

It’s good to finally have it standing vertically without worrying about disc read errors!


It is amazing how that often works. I thought my Saturn was toast and did the same thing and voila, good as new


So glad that worked out @harborline_765

Hahahahaha, it’s often the simplest fixes that are best to try first! :slight_smile:


Thank you - it’s been good to return to the PS2 Collection again!


Erm, I forgot I ordered this 90000 series model when I was trying to fix my other NTSC-J (75000 series) model. It’s certainly in way better condition, almost not a mark on the glossy part of the chassis!

I’ve also got a vertical stand on the way, I guess I’ll use it if it plays CD PS2 games in vertical orientation. My existing Slim refuses to and scratches the discs.

Question is: does it have a multivoltage power supply? The external sticker says 100V only, but apparently the internal power supply, if you open up the unit, states 100-240V. But I probably shouldn’t risk it, right?


White PS2s always look so good.


Found the following from shmups and bordersdown after going through dozens of threads without a proper confirmation (I suspect people were just going from the sticker). Guess I’ll risk it this evening haha



It worked, thankfully! I’m going to test out some PS1 games later this week, I remember Rage Racer having horrible slowdown on the NTSC-J 75000. My 70000 unit is PAL, so I’d imagine that wouldn’t have had issues since it had the MIPS co-processor.


I have a PAL 70000 Slim and Rage Racer is fine.


Interesting! I have a -90000 with the internal PSU but it’s some oddball Taiwan one that says 240v on the sticker on the outside. I never tried but I guess I might now. I mean, it’s been sitting in my basement since I bought it (came as a bundle with a bunch of other stuff). Worst case scenario it explodes and burns my house down. The goggles, they do nothing!


@BTails and I got the patched version of Resident Evil Outbreak up and running so we can play some online ps2 in 2019! Anyone have any experience with this one ?