PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


That’s a pretty cynical view @DaveLong

You’re probably right though.


The oddest part of the whole thing was the focus on having a digital-only first generation PS1 pad when the Dual Shock was very clearly their official controller by the end of the generation and part of the platform’s history. So much so, that they largely kept its iconic form factor for an additional 2 generations.

It’s just a very weird product between that, the 50hz selection, and the additional performance issues, and selection of the open source emulator. The whole thing feels like it was outsourced to a teenager who’s only experience with PS1 is through a Raspberry Pi.


That would make the pixel sizes non uniform as they are no longer integer scaled but the pixel edges themselves would still be just as sharp. This looks like a bilinear filter, the same as they used with the PSTV’s emulation.

They went with this particular open source emulator because it ran on ARM and nothing else that comes to mind does.

My understanding is that PS1 emulation was only possible on previous Sony hardware because a backwards compatible MIPS processor was included, so they didn’t need to emulate the PS1’s CPU. Had this not been the case then the PS2, PSP, VITA, PSTV etc would not have had a hope in hell getting even half speed with a PS1 emulator because their CPU’s are so weak.


POP on previous systems did not support save states, but surely they could add it. IIRC it’s the Bleem! guy that went to work on Sony and created POPS?


I guess this product is a sign that such processor is no longer in production. Pour one out.


Yeah I did wonder if they were still being produced or not and what part that could have played in getting to where we are now. Really they just needed the PSTV hardware and they would have been good to go, may have been too easy / cheap an option to ignore what was available on the SOC side of things, especially when they saw what Nintendo had done.


Yeah, I have owned all the Sony consoles and they have had some really high highs as a game publisher during that time, but I can’t ever shake that feeling that they care about me as a consumer of their goods a lot less than Nintendo does. I get that same impression from Microsoft sometimes too, but with them I think they’re just… bumbling… more than anything. Too big to fail and too big to do things exactly right. Microsoft also has “The Japan Problem” that plagues them to this day.

I agree with you 100% that the controller is an issue. Yes, it’s launch official, but even the included games have need for analog sticks and they’re not there. It’s another reminder of how they just had to copy Nintendo (in the middle of the generation!) and yet they couldn’t include that here despite its eventual iconic build lasting three generations in total.

That goes back to costs, though. A first gen Dual Shock is going to make the price higher for them. It all speaks to how this wasn’t something you could easily get below $100 and realistically you can’t sell it for more than that unless you’re going to include the ability to buy more games than what’s included IMO. At that point it’s less “Classic Console” and more of an “Ongoing Concern”.

I think their best bet would have been to wait a year at least before doing this. Unless PS5 launches next holiday season which seems unlikely, then it would’ve fit much better there.


Even the SNES Mini I felt was too early, just one year after the NES. They could have spaced them out more.

N64 Mini if done right in 1-2 years will be hype too.


I agree with that. I wonder if Nintendo was so far down that path by the time the Switch launched and sold like gangbusters that they figured they can’t stop SNES Classic release now? There is a legitimate case to be made that Switch might not have been a success and then you’re selling SNES Classics to make up the numbers for a slow selling new console.

In the end, it seems to have worked out for them as it’s almost sure to fill up the vault even more through this holiday season given both are now on store shelves.

I think the N64 possibility is a similar case like this PlayStation Classic now. Complex and costly controller makes it a tougher prospect to get it down to $99. Don’t forget too that any N64 Classic would probably need four controller ports if you’re shooting for accuracy (which Nintendo does) and the major game everyone would want most of all is Goldeneye, which might be impossible to include. I’m not sure an N64 Classic will ever happen because of those problems.

I’m interested to see what happens with Nintendo Online. Does it remain an NES Only thing or do they expand the lineup to include later systems? I think that will eventually give us insight into the possibility of an N64 Classic.


A guy I know worked at Nintendo in Germany and left in between NES and SNES minis. He knew of the SNES mini and the “something else” it was going to offer (turned out to be Starfox 2) so it appears that the lead time on these things was long indeed.


I really like GameSack too.
Actually, I’m a YouTuber and would say I’m like you guys. Love my games. I have a long history of 30 years with them and don’t go around filming in front of my gaming collection.

Recently my channel has been receiving free items to review. At first I thought it could be damaging to the channel but on second thought if I’m honest about the product it should benefit the channel. I’ll never promote a product as good if its not.


lol, and one of my favorite ones definitely higher then GameSack, even if I do like them as well. You do informative work while remaining entertaining without being over produced nor do you seem like you are maintaining some sort of persona.

As for your second paragraph, receiving free stuff for coverage is always a tricky situation but either way anyone chooses I feel that being honest and upfront about it is the best way to manage it. That being said it wouldn’t really effect my enjoyment of your channel either way since I honestly have never used your videos for purchasing advice/information. It is primarily for the retro stuff and then to be entertained by some knock off systems. I had to look at your video list to even think of something that was a current product to see what you could have gotten for free and it surprised me at how many reviews there were that I just didn’t remember.

So yeah, keep doing what you do and I’m not too worried about the quality of your work, even if you decided to start filming in front of your collection. :3

Bit of a non topic related tangent


For the record, I think Back in Time Sime records in front of his colllection and I actually like his channel a lot. He legit seems cool and not pretentious or anything.

Like he’s the type of dude you can have a beer with and just talk about games.


Well there is nothing intrinsically bad about the backdrop of video games, it’s just a thing that a lot of people do so it because more noticeable/stands out because it is so common.



That was a GREAT vid. Awesome work, @Dark1x. Not only did it clearly explain the technical issues, but it gave proper context to explain why this is such a shame of a missed opportunity. There’s a line near the end that said it best: essentially this is potentially damaging for how consumers will thinking these games and this era of games.


Fantastic video @Dark1x

Yeah, the damage to the legacy is such a shame, this should have been an easy home run considering Sony’s own expertise and previous efforts.

Despite all the deservedly negative press, I wonder if all the slick packaging and marketing will make this a hit regardless and pull on the nostalgia strings of those who are uninformed, it’ll be interesting to see post Xmas sales for this. I have to admit the ‘Play history trailer’ is really well done and seeing the yellow on the box made me feel nostalgic and for a moment I did want the classic.


I bet a majority of people won’t see the issues, but my ass damn sure isn’t buying it.




Anyone else expecting this to sit on the shelves and need to be put on sale in the not too distant future? I am.