PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


That Ad is great, I wonder if that has any internet on the choice of games. I’m only half joking here.


It probably will sell well, at least to non-enthusiasts who grew up with a PlayStation. But I’m sure even non-enthusiasts might even stumble across a review or two, and the reviews are largely negative.

I hope it doesn’t sell particularly well or drive interest towards the PlayStation brand. If it does it’ll largely send a message to management that quality execution on this sort of product largely doesn’t matter, and it’s already been built as a short-term solution rather than a long-term one. Well, if they were to port the code over to the PS4 like how Switch’s NES games are derived from the work done on the NES Classic it’d fall short of 2004’s PSP…


I feel like a bad message will be taken either way. Sells well? Okay time for more cheaply made devices with no care. Doesn’t sell? Guess noone wants PS1 games/PS1 games just don’t age well.


Yes, I don’t think they’ll ever consider that they’ve done a bad job here.


Yep. I agree.


I think it’ll sell just fine. For the average person who hasnt played PS1 games in 20 years I don’t think they are going to know or care about frame pacing and 50hz. I think the lack of memorable games will be the biggest reason it doesn’t sell well, if it happens.

" Oh man I remember my PS1 ! I loved playing crash and Spyro and Gran Turismo and Tony hawk"

Looks at included games


Here’s a list of the top 20 selling PS1 games. The ps classic features just 4 of them


We all know one thing. Whatever happens, Sony will get the wrong message. Sells poorly, no one wants retro; sells great, people are ok with what we did. I think the only way I would have bought this thing with this list is if it came with new USB dual analog controllers. I think everything that can be said has been said. Let’s see how it sells


Those numbers are lower than I expected. Crazy how much the industry has grown.


The attached rate on the PS1 was very low due to piracy. Every single kid I knew growing up had a modchip and I’ve grabbed about 5 ps1s from thrift stores and every single one of them had a mod chip!


The fact that the ps1 classic doesn’t have a tomb raider, spyro, crash bandcoot, gran turismo or even legend of dragoon is mind boggling to me. I should be the perfect candidate for ps1 classic. yet sony has done everything possible to turn me off the system.


At least GT is understandable because of licensing and maybe Dragoon because of size (PSC is only 16GB of storage and LoD is 4 discs) but Sony should’ve locked down one game from each of those other series.


There are a number that are super easy to understand, like Spyro, Crash, Medievil, SotN, and even maybe even Parappa. Same for a bunch of the Capcom games like MMX4 that would have fit on this pretty well. Even if they could have done GT I think they got the “right” racing game with R4 instead, but I don’t really think GT was all that remarkable till PS2. Don’t know what the situation is for Tomb Raider but I’m sure with all the reboots it’s in some sort of rights hell.

Honestly, the only game I think is a straight up bad choice on this is Rainbow Six. There are others that are odd picks, or ones where another in the same series would have been better representation, but nothing offensively bad. Do think they could have put some games on it that better showcased the system as not being all early 3d growing pains but the biggest issue with it is still the emulation and regions of the games.


I think Sony has been very clear, especially now, that they want you to buy the remasters/remakes

GT? Buy sport
Crash? Buy the remakes
Spyro? Buy the remakes
Medievil? We’ve got a remake coming
SoTN? Buy the re release
Parappa? Buy the re release
Tomb Raider? Buy the reboot


Easy to understand or not, they are glaring omissions. The likes of Spyro, Crash, Castlevania, GT, Parappa, Tomb Raider… those games are what people expect. They’re not in there. No average Joe Buyer is looking at the omissions and saying “I understand that.”

Anyway, @Socksfelloff tells it like it is. They want to make bigger dollars on remakes, not this budget device.


Nailed it. When the NES/SNES classics came out I had lots of friends, who aren’t gamers, excited that they could finally play their favorite games again. They were totally unaware that Virtual Console even existed.

These same friends now have Switches and they keep asking me about the “new Donkey Kong” and the “new Mario Kart” etc etc and again they are completely oblivious that they were WiiU games!


I saw this in in this week’s The Week in the “holiday gifts: the seasons’ best toys” section:


PS1 software sales were just spread out among a huge variety of games. N64 was mostly driven by huge blockbusters, PS1 had everything else, but sold a LOT of software.

That’s not true at all, PS1 final software shipment was at 962 million to 102.49 million consoles.

That’s a software total higher than any Nintendo console in history (DS came damn close though), and tie ratio right up the top for all consoles (along with PS2, Wii, Gamecube - the other three consoles with confirmed tie ratio above 9). PS4 will end up #1 eventually it looks like though.


Well that’s an opinion. That last sentence is especially… not accurate


Well, yes. Those are exactly the reasons why. Like I’m not saying that it somehow mitigates their absents just that it is obvious why they are absent. That being said they aren’t all Sony’s fault since other companies have their say in what games are allowed, but again, that doesn’t change that they are not there.

They also could have picked better games then the ones they did out of games that would have been allowed. Said it earlier, but even though Capcom probably wouldn’t have allowed X4 I’m sure they would have been fine with Megaman Legends. Then could have also done the better sequils to games like Wild Arms 2 instead of 1, Twisted Metal 2 or 3 instead of 1. Resident Evil 2 is getting it’s remake soon so it’s clear why it wasn’t there.

Still, I stand by the statement that the game selection isn’t the biggest problem since even with the omissions they have some good games, and the only one I consider a bad pick is Rainbow Six, but different strokes. What really let me down is the emulation quality. Even if it is cracked now I have little interest unless people can get things running full speed and accurately.


Yeah, I posted it because, as discussed, I think a lot of the general public will be oblivious of the details.