PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


I bought a SNES classic (well, SFC Classic)…and haven’t played it yet, lol. I think I’ll pass on the PSX classic.


No Tomba No Sale


And I thought I was the only person that played/loved those games.

Seriously, why isn’t there another game like it? Don’t even know what you would call it. Side scrolling adventure?


I like the idea of this, but I can’t justify buying one. I’m looking forward to watching reviews form Bob and MLIG.


Tomba 2?

Anyway. This is worth a read:


Yup that’s pretty much it. :c

Also that link reminded me of the plushies for Tomba that I’ve never seen for sale and want. Think they even had a rerelease of them for the PSN release of the game but had to do some twitter thing to win one or something. I’m not a big toys of game things person but that is one of the few games that I would want out of game extras for I loved it so much.






What are some of the games that you would love to see on this thing, even if there’s 0% chance they make it? I’d love for some of the “forgotten” franchises to appear: stuff that was very popular back in the day but has all but faded from today’s landscape. Titles like Alundra, Fear Effect, Heart of Darkness, Herc’s Adventure, Bushido Blade, Bust a Move/Groove (The dancing one)… There’s so many great games that in today’s youtube filled “hidden gems” craze still seem to be buried.


Team Buddies


It’s a weird one where it’s not just that it’s side scrolling adventure, or rpg, or action. I mean they even have some aspect of point and click adventure in it. Always would get metroidvania recommendations when looking for other games like it but it’s something different then that as well.

I’m actually surprised there is even an old listings with how rarely I’ve seen these for sale. Also as much as I want them I think 500 ducets is pushing it even for me. I hope…


Tobal 2!

Give us a domestic version.


Has Sony announced when they will announce (smh) the complete game list? It’s less than 2 months out now.


They are waiting for PSX…oh wait


ha, I’m kind of surprised they’re not pumping it for the holidays yet.

Unless there is a significant game or output differentiator (outside just an HDMI out) I’ll try to avoid the route I took for SNES Classic: buy a barely used CIB one…then never play it.


I’m on the fence about cancelling mine. I have a modded ps1 and a psio so playing games that I don’t have access to is pretty easy anyway. For me it’s really novelty (like a really expensive Amiibo)



i just need to know um jammer lammy, incredible crisis and some other favorites didn’t make it so i can ignore this thing till it’s cheap enough, god


I was into PC gaming by the time the PS1 came about, so I really only have experience with a few games.

Final Fantasy VII
Gran Turismo
Crash Bandicoot
NHL 98

I’m looking forward to see what they put in the box… If only to make me go out and look for those games for the actual PS1 lol


Ps1 is a pretty huge system not to be familiar with. I’m kind of jealous to be honest. There’s still a ton of cheap gems for it you could experience for the first time.


True, but to be honest I have never been that close with any of the consoles that were primarily 3D.

I was always more interested in PC gaming, so the idea of controlling a 3rd person game or 1st person game with a controller is so alien, that it makes those games nigh unplayable for me.

I can move a character around, or race a car with an analog stick, but aiming a gun is just terrible.

So, I have 12+ libraries I have very little exposure to, I guess…

I learned to use an analog stick really well with Rocket League on PC, so I should just bite the bullet and get into some 3D console games that I really should have finished by now.

Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, The Last of Us, etc etc.

Edit: I’ve finished hundreds of 3D games on PC, though. Mouse and keyboard 4 life! :stuck_out_tongue: