Raspberry Pi 400

There’s a new Raspberry Pi that has just been announced. It’s a Pi housed in a keyboard for $70USD that gives me vibes of old computers that were housed in keyboards. Sounds like it’s a 4GB Pi4 so it can run a full OS (in a pinch).

Not technically retro but I found it interesting and would be keen to check it out when it becomes available in Australia (depending on price).

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Ordered one. I’ve been thinking about building something like this for in-keyboard era PCs. I have a real MSX and love it but haven’t been willing to commit to real hardware for the rest so this should be fun to play around with.

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I’m considering doing the same.

Will it work as a keyboard for my Windows PC?

Not automatically. It doesnt have a usb downstream port, doesn’t present itself as a HID device. You can however run software to capture keypresses and forward them over the network to a another host system with receiver software. I’m just not sure why you would…

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Love this kind of stuff, thanks for posting about it.

Now to justify adding a 6th Pi to my house. :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s way too much effort. :sweat_smile:

I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along for the Pi, I am going to install Amibian to create a modern Amiga setup

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