Replacement power cords

Looking for some help on this. I seem to recall coming across a third party seller some time ago that made or sold power cords for retro consoles that don’t have a wall wart type plug. They just had a standard small one, like the PS2 for example. They advertised them as well made and properly rated for the right amount power so consoles wouldn’t be harmed. In fact I think they drew less power but still enough as to be required/needed.

Now I can’t find them. Am I dreaming this? I’d like to reduce the size and heat of these plugs on my surge protector. Any ideas or thoughts on this?

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I’m not sure about that specifically but if you are wanting to upgrade your power supplies in order to get clean signal then you’re going to want to look into Triad power supplies. I had rolling interference on my NES after doing an RGB install. I got a Triad and it completely cleaned up the signal. Lots of info on them over at Shmups.

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Excellent, thanks. Exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for.

I use a Genesis M1 plug for my AV Famicom. Would I be able to use one of these Genesis cords for that as well?

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Probably! I’d imagine if it works for one it works for both. That said they probably have the optimal one in that thread.

And if you’re still after fixing the problem with wall warts but want to go with something like the triad, you can just use extension cables to get your warts off the power bar.

Barium Electric 1 Foot Black Extension Cords 10-Pack | UL Listed 16 AWG 3-Prong Power Cord with Ground | 120V 13A 1625W Outlet Saver Extender for Power Strip, Wall Outlet, Surge Protector


Yeah, I’m not sure about the non-wall-wart options, but I’ve used things like this to free up space, otherwise the big Belkin surge protectors have well spaced outlets for bulky DC adapters.

My strip has some spaced out inputs but th massive plugs just barely fit and sometimes feel warm. It’s mainly a peace of mind thing, and partly an OCD thing. I might be affixing my strip vertically and they tend to weigh down and sag if positioned that way.