Retro Game Boards Age Ratio?


35 - 39 Bracket.


I’m old. I’m in the 45-49 bracket. My first console was the Atari 2600 and my first computer was a Commodore 64c.




I’m 43. I think I’m the oldest so far lol.

Edit: I’m not.


The old crowd here probably explains why there’s so little need for moderation so far.


30-34 here.


You’d be surprised at how old some of the super hostile people were at the old forum. Although I agree a good number of hotheads seemed to be college kids or ones that just got out.


I sort of remember there being some kind of poll to gauge how old some of the users were, the majority IIRC like myself were born in `86. But yeah I like what we have going in here.


I’m 37 (1980).


I’ll be in the 45-49 bracket in May. Still feel like I’m in my 20’s though


35 here, so I’m in the 35-39 bracket!


30-34 here! Seems to be the most popular group


30-34 bracket but with lots of white hairs (You’realreadydead.jpg).

I can’t see myself leaving this hobby even though I don’t get much time to play these days. I’ll be rocking that 240p on perfectly emulated CRT screens when I’m 80, I’m sure.


35-39 bracket. I’m in better shape than I was in my 20’s. Moving CRTs helps keep you in shape!


45-49 for me and about to be 46 in 15 days. Probably not the healthiest I’ve ever been but I can’t complain. Probably more into the games of my 20’s than I’ve been in years, too. Feels good, man.


My sister-in-law was helping my mother-in-law setup her Surface over Christmas, and having a very tough time of it, and I thought to myself how different things will be for those of us that have grown up with computers and the internet and youtube etc. I hope to always be in the know when it comes to tech, but I wonder what technological advancement will be my “Surface” where I’m just like eh I’m too old for this.


40-44 Bracket.


35-40 aka “my Carlsberg years”.


My old man is 58, he’s always been a techie and he’s still in the know on what’s new and exciting so I think as long as we keep an interest in it we will be okay.

That said every game/console is still a Nintendo to him.


Hahaha the console wars are strong with your pops :wink:

J/k :stuck_out_tongue: